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Jobi is SO SAD! Why so sad Jobi?

I miss the interns! And it’s not just because I need someone to flip my desk calendar (time has frozen since August 19th),

to file my closed-out loan folders (a nice big pile is mounting – see the pencil pup for reference!), and to make phone calls to lenders about retrieving their materials!

I miss all of their energy and enthusiasm; their delight as they discover fun, interesting (and sometimes bizarre) items in the collection; the pencil competitions; conversations at the picnic tables outside…

Sure, interns take a lot of time and work: staff has to train them to be the little collection managers/curators/educators of tomorrow. We need to answer questions that often seem self explanatory (but only until we realize we’ve been doing our job for years and it really ISN’T that obvious!), try and arrange for cool field trips and remember to bring in the occasional snack. But interns help us be more efficient, more productive and better behaved (we have to set a good example you know!).

Who is going to scan that photo for the next issue of Generations magazine? Who is going to help put together the packets for the board retreat? Who will run downstairs and complete object measurements? Who will eat all of these delicious cupcakes…?

My piles have grown, the data entry is mounting, and there are projects just itching to be worked on. Bottom line: we need a few hardy interns to braveBaltimore’s winter weather (and welcome in the spring!) in our collections and exhibition department. If you can get to the museum 1 or 2 times per week we want you! Work for class credit, to build up volunteer hours or simply for the joy of getting to pick your own awesome pencil from the cup on my desk!

Interested? (And why wouldn’t you be!?!) Send me, Jobi Zink, Senior Collections Manager and official Intern wrangler, an email at jzink@jewishmuseummd.org, and let’s talk!

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