I Love the Archives

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This one time, long long ago (in Canada), the Discovery Channel released a commercial that went viral.


Then, XKCD (the awesome site of awesome) made this comic:

In their honor (because the internet loves XKCD) this video was made:

Later, the archives webcomic, Derangement and Description, written by Rebecca Goldman, made this comic about how she loves the archives:

The JMM, inspired by the whole process (and the love of archives), could only do one thing: make an awesome video.

I Love the Archives from Jewish Museum of Maryland on Vimeo.

Based on the comic by Derangement and Description (based on the concept by the Discovery Channel), the Jewish Museum of Maryland’s staff and interns (from archives, collections, and education) bring you this short video. An ode to the archives, if you will.

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  1. minerbabe says:

    Love ya!

  2. delphipsmith says:

    Oh the only word possible is "BRILLIANT!!"

  3. LC says:


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