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In the past, the JMM has held salon events.  You know, floor to ceiling stacked with arts, coffee and croissants, people speaking about the artwork in a meaningful way.  But yesterday the lobby of our Herbert Bearman Campus became a very different type of salon.  A hair salon.

Enter Photo Archivist & Develop Coordinator Rachel Kassman.  She had hair.  She hated her hair.  She asked Education & Program Coordinator Elena Rosemond-Hoerr to cut her hair.  Because Elena has been cutting her own bangs for a while and has yet to cut them so short she couldn’t come to work.

So around 5 yesterday Rachel donned a number of children’s smocks, sat on a bench in the lobby, and got a fantastic new hair cut.

Rachel, pre hair-cut

First, I made Rachel pose for a “before” shot.  Because we’re always looking for fresh blog content.


Then, I applied the prechool size children’s smocks.  To protect her fancy shirt.

Then the cutting began.

That smile on her face is nerves, by the way.

The back

The back of her head, during the cut.

The finished product!

And finally, the finished product!  A lovely JMM style haircut for a lovely JMM employee!  What can we say, we wear many hats over here.

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