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A blog post by intern Jesse Sullivan.

Being an intern here at the JMM is great.  In the education department, or “West Wing” as it’s been called,  we’ve got a great little group of interns, Abby, Ariella, Lisa and myself, all chugging away at our various projects. Today during our lunch break we had ourselves a grand little adventure.  Myself, the rest of the interns, and Elena, the Education and Program Coordinator, all decided to take a little walk into the inner harbor.

{now just imagine ridiculous heat}

The inner harbor’s not too far away from the JMM, and Elena knew that there would be a falafel food truck parked on the corner of Pratt and Commerce st. during lunchtime, and as we set out into the blazing Baltimore summer, dreams of yummy falafels were dancing through our heads.  These dreams got dampened the further into the heat we got.  What started as a reasonably hot and humid but cloudy walk turned quickly into a 100° march into the glaring sun.  When we finally got to the truck, there was a line of about 15 people, yet we had walked too long in too hot of a day to give up our dreams of falafels.

{The clouds didn’t block an inch of sunshine, but they were quite pretty}

Now foolish me, even after living in muggy Baltimore for 4 years, never quite knows how to prepare for the heat, and I hadn’t had anything to drink all day other than a cappuccino purchased on my way into the JMM this morning.  Abby, another education intern, was less foolhardy about her treks through the Baltimore summer, and had wisely brought a water bottle with her.  In line for the falafels I suddenly felt a little dizzy from dehydration, and Abby swooped in and saved the day by giving me her water.  I was still feeling dehydrated so I went over to one of the malls in the Inner Harbor and got some water and sat there while the rest of the JMM Education Ladies got their falafels.  Being as kind as they are, they brought me a falafel, and we all enjoyed our lunch in the air conditioned comfort of the Inner Harbor mall.

{so delicious}

After falafels had been consumed, we walked over to Rita’s for a cool summer treat.  As we waited for our various orders to be made, there was not a lick of shade to be found.  The heat was still phenomenal, but we were comforted by the slight breeze blowing off the water and by the knowledge that we would soon be eating delicious cold treats.  When we finally got our deserts Abby, Lisa, Ariella, Elena, and I started back to the JMM.  Even with the melting Rita’s in our hands, we decided it would be best to wait for the air conditioned Charm City Circulator.  Luckily for us, the Orange line was just a bit down the street and we hopped in.  This concluded our little adventure into the Inner Harbor.  While the Baltimore summer was melting us, or at least me, down to little puddles of overheated mush, I can still say that I had a grand time.  Working at the JMM has proved to be incredibly rewarding.  Not just because of our fun little lunchtime adventures, but because everyone is so friendly and willing to help out.  I always know that on the days that I go to the JMM I can work on projects that are all interesting and self directed, all while being around fun and nice people.

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