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For the past year the JMM has been immersed in food thanks to our fabulous exhibition Chosen Food: Cuisine, Culture, and American Jewish Identity and all of the programing we’ve held related to it. (There are more food related programs to come so keep an eye out!) Food is a necessary part of life and it’s also a pleasant part of life so it should be no surprise that a number of items in our collection are related to food and food preparation.? Here are just a few of those items.

Shochet knife used by Saul Rudney, Courtesy Menachem Rudney. 1998.46.1b.

Whetstone for shochet knives. Courtesy Menachem Rudney. 1998.46.2c

Plates from a machine used to remove feathers from chickens. The machine is sometimes called a ‘chicken flicker.’ Courtesy of Joyce Jandorf. 2000.54.1.

Salt and pepper shakers. Courtesy of Gertrude Silverston. 1995.141.3ab

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