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Generations 2011-2012: Special Theme Issue: Jewish Foodways

Table of Contents:
Intro: Baltimore Jewish Foodways by Avi Y. Decter
“Processions, Debates and Curbstone Encounters”: The Struggle over Kosher Meat in Baltimore, 1897-1918 by Avi Y. Decter
Family Fare: Baltimore Jewish Food Businesses by Jennifer Vess
Bedlam with Corned Beef on the Side: The Jewish Delicatessen in Baltimore by Barry Kessler
Romancing the Coddie by Gilbert Sandler
Photo Essay: HENDLER’S: The Velvet Kind by Rachel Kassman
Book Review: The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic reviewed by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
Field Notes: The Pearlstone Center by Jakir Manela
Chronology: Baltimore Jewish Foodways compiled by Avi Y. Decter

Cost: $10

Generations 2009-2010: 50th Anniversary Double Issue: The Search for Social Justice

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner
“Remember that You Were a Slave”: Rabbis and Slavery on the Eve of the Civil War by Avi Y. Decter
“Poor Man’s Boarding School”: The Hebrew Orphan Asylum under Tabbi Samuel Freudenthal, 1886-1910 by Anita Kassof
“The Great Influence of the Mothers in Israel”: Baltimore’s Jewish Community Confronts the Woman Question by Caroline Young Friedman
A “Children’s Playground” and “Centre for Adults”: The Story of the Jewish Educational Alliance, 1909-1952 by Jennifer Vess
Two Lives in Labor: Jacob Edelman and Sarah Barron edited by Avi Y. Decter
Enduring Idealism: Baltimore Jews in the Communist Party by Leonard M. Helfgott
Social Justice through Medical Ethics: Dr. Jacob Morgenstern’s Legacy at Crownsville State Hospital by Suzanne Richmond
My Father’s Crownsville by Doris Morgenstern Wachsler
Demonstrators: Reform Rabbis Confront Segregation by Gilbert Sandler
Everyday Heroes:  A Baltimore Couple Recalls the Civil Rights Movement by Deborah Rudacille
CHAI: Making a Stand in Upper Park Heights by Simone Ellin
Keepers of the Earth: The Jewish Environmental Movement Comes of Age by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
Book Review: Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City reviewed by W. Edward Orser
Field Notes: National Museum of American Jewish History: Core Exhibit by Josh Perelman and Ivy Weingram
Chronology: Ten in the Twentieth: Baltimore Jews and Social Justice by Deborah R. Weiner

Cost: $10

Generations 2007-2008: Bridges to Zion: Maryland and Israel

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner
An American in Palestine: Mendes I. Cohen Tours the Holy Land by Deborah R. Weiner
The American Delegate(s)* at the First Zionist Conference by Avi Y. Decter
Revolutionizing Experiences: Henrietta Szold’s First Visit to the Holy Land by Henrietta Szold
Why I was a Zionist and Why I Now Am Not by Rabbi Morris S. Lazaron
“Israel” by Karl Schapiro
Mahal Days by Raphael Ben-Yosef
Photo Gallery: Maryland Philanthropy and Israel by Rachel Kassman
The Blaustein-Ben-Gurion Agreement: A Milestone in Israel-Diaspora Relations by Mark K. Bauman
The Comeback Kid: Leon Uris Returns to City College, 1995 by Rona Hirsch
“Who is a Jew” by Shoshana S. Cardin
Book Review: A Dream of Zion: American Jews Reflect on Why Israel Matters to Them by Melvin I. Urofsky
Field Notes: The Jewish Journey: The Jewish Museum in New York by Fred Wasserman
Chronology: Maryland and Israel

Cost: $10

Generations 2005-2006: Telling Time: Stories and Storytellers in Honor of Gil Sandler

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner
The Bard of Baltimore: An Interview with Gilbert Sandler
“The Dispersed of Judah”: A Speech on the Jew Bill, 1825 by John S. Tyson, Esq.
The Publisher Departs: The Rabbi as “Black Republican” by Rabbi David Einhorn
Three Bloody Days: Letters from the Bialystock Pogrom, 1906 by Chaim Goldberg
A Smelkinson’s Eye View of the World: Place, Memory, and Stories of an East Baltimore Childhood by Deborah R. Weiner
The Married Bachelor by Ethel Rubinstein Berman
The Great Escape: A True Story of Jewish Intrigue in Baltimore, circa 1930 by Gedaliah Cohen
Israel Bonds, Kosher Chickens, and the FBI by Harry Diamond
Photo Gallery: Every Picture Tells a Story by Jobi Zink
Dad’s Store, 1920-1968 by Hilda Perl Goodwin
Starting Out by Irene Siegel
Marching for Soviet Jewry by Shoshana S. Cardin
Divided Lives: A Generation of Baltimore Jewish Women Tell Their Tales by Pamela S. Nadell
Hand-Made Haggadot: The Zaben Family Haggadah
Chronology: Telling Time: A Century of Maryland Historical Writing
Field Notes: Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust by Louis D. Levine
Review: Gil Sandler: An Appreciation by Michael Olesker

Cost: $10

Generations 2004: Recreation, Sports & Leisure

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Avi Y. Decter
A Club of Their Own: Suburban and Woodholme Through the Years by Deborah R. Weiner
The Dancing Schools of Baltimore’s Jewish Society by Gilbert Sandler
Equine Passion: The Cohen Family at Pimlico Race Course by Robin Z. Waldman
Match Point: Fighting Racial Discrimination in Druid Hill Park by Barry Kessler with Anita Kassof
City of Champions: Major League Sports and Baltimore Jews by Diane L. Jacobsohn
“A Nice Clean Room”: Pool Hall Portraits from 1950s Baltimore by Michael A. Lang
Amateur Jewish Athletes: Then and Now by Jobi O. Zink
Chronology: The Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore
Field Notes: National Museum of American Jewish History by Mike Silver and Ari Kelman
Review: Martin Abramowitz, Jewish Major Leaguers by Raphael Alvarez


Generations 2003: Entertaining Maryland

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Avi Y. Decter
“Always Have Kind Words for the Place that Feeds You”: Jews on “The Block” by Deborah R. Weiner
A Front-Row Seat on Cottage Avenue: Memories of Boyhood Entertainment in the Depression Years by Gilbert Sandler
Now Playing at the Hippodrome: Baltimore’s House of Vaudeville, an Interview with M. Robert Rappaport by Dean Krimmel with Steve Liebowitz
Photo Gallery: Performing Community by Avi Y. Decter with Erin L. Titter
Barry Levinson’s Baltimore: An Appreciation by Stephen J. Whitfield
Building Bridges: A Conversation with Liz Lerman by Melissa Martens
Chronology: Entertaining Maryland by Avi Y. Decter
Field Notes: National Jewish Archive of Broadcasting
Review: The Jews of Prime Time by David Zurawik by Joyce Antler

Cost: $10

Generations 2002: Jewish Family History

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Avi Y. Decter
All in the Family: Jewish Women in Baltimore Family Business by Jayne Guberman and Shelly Hettleman
Second Cousins, Card Parties, and Chickens in the Back Yard: Family Life and Jewish Community in Rural Maryland by Deborah R. Weiner
Dispossession and Adaptation: The Weil Sisters Rebuild Their Family in America by Anita Kassof
From the Collections: A Jamboree, A First Grandchild, and A World at War: Glimpses of Family Life from the Schapiro Family Papers by Robin Z. Waldman
Photo Gallery: Family Photos: Images of the Jewish Family in Baltimore by Erin Titter
“I Think It Will Go”: Robert Weinberg Creates the Jewish Heritage Center by Avi Y. Decter
Field Notes: Center for Jewish History, NYC
Chronology: Jewish Family Services by Melissa Goldman with Gail Lipsitz

Cost: $6

Generations 2001

Table of Contents:
by Avi Y. Decter
New Light on an Old Landmark: Recent Discoveries at the Lloyd Street Synagogue by Barry Kessler
Strangers No More: Jewish Life in Maryland’s Small Towns by Karen Falk
From the Collections: Saul Bernstein, Baltimore Artist by Jobi Zink
Photo Gallery: Dressing the Part by Melissa Martens
Field Notes: Small Jewish Museum
Chronology: Baltimore’s Downtown Department Stores compiled by K. Meghan Gross

Generations 2000: Fortieth Anniversary Edition

Table of Contents:
by Avi Y. Decter
Isaac Hamburger and Sons: Memories of a Family and a Store by Albert Berney
The Jews of Western Maryland: Cumberland and Beyond by Leonard Schwab
Growing Up with Jacob Blaustein: Personal Memories by Barbara Blaustein Hirschhorn
Strange Journey: From Lithuania to Baltimore by Way of Aergentina by Dorothy Tucker Katzenstein
Young Voices on Yom Kippur: The Tzemach Tzedek Boy’s Choir by Howard E. Siegel
Paradise Lost: A Retrospective of Liberty Road’s Jewish Community by Steve Liebowitz
The “Frum” Community: Not All Black and White by Margie Pensak
Maryland’s Jewish Treasure House: The Jewish Museum and its Collections by Anita Kassof
Photo Gallery: The Jewish Museum of Maryland
Chronology: The Jewish Museum of Maryland by Barry Kessler

Cost: $6

Generations 1999

Table of Contents:
by Avi Y. Decter
A Rabbi’s Daughter Remembers by Clementine Lazaron Kaufman
Every Year a New Rabbi by Morton Ellin, M.D.
Baltimore’s Little Jerusalem by Barnett B. Berman, M.D.
The Saga of Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. by M. Sigmund Shapiro
Remembering “Pa” by Richard Lansburgh
Orthodoxy in East Baltimore: A Retrospect by Melvin J. Sykes
Cost: $6

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