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Sundays are my favorite workdays, despite the fact that all my friends and family are probably still sleeping by the time I arrive at the museum.  Overall, Sundays are a nice way to ease into the week.  Marna, our stalwart Sunday desk volunteer, always brings in donuts to share (and sometimes fruit), and I get to spend more time interacting with visitors, instead of focusing on “real” work.

Also, Sundays are often program days. Our Sunday programs range from book talks to family days to pseudo bar mitzvah parties (see blog posts about Superman’s Bar Mitzvah Party), and they’re always a fun way to pass a Sunday afternoon! Yesterday, we had two local artists, Craig Hankin and Tom Chalkley, come to the museum to present on the use of “comics” as a visual storytelling genre.

TC and CH talk 1

Tom Chalkley started the program with a brief overview of the history of using pictures to tell stories—going as far back as the ancient Egyptians! He brought up facts and concepts that were very interesting; some of them I definitely didn’t know before—for example, that most alphabets are derived from pictures of object—and some of them I did know, but had never thought about before, such as the misnomer of “comics” for a genre that isn’t always funny.

TC and CH talk 2

Craig Hankin then wrapped up by discussing the involvement of American Jews in the comic book industry—a surprisingly large number! Afterwards, both happily chatted with the audience about comics, art, and their favorite graphic novels (they had brought some of these to the talk as examples), and Chalkley signed copies of his Famous Baltimoreans map that we sell in the shop.

TC and CH talk 3

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