Farewell to Zap! Pow! Bam!

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This week we are saying goodbye to our superhero exhibit. No more warning visitors to resist the urge to fist-bump Superman (it was hard for me too). No more be-costumed visitors of all ages (well, maybe there will still be costumes, just a different kind). No more confusing all the Joes and Jerrys and Jacks in the comic book industry. The Golden-Age of Superheroes will be missed.

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This wouldn’t be the JMM if we didn’t give a rousing goodbye to our closing exhibit! Last Sunday, the official final day for Zap! Pow! Bam!, over 100 visitors came through our doors for their last chance to see the exhibit. We set out superhero-themed crafts to entertain the little ones—and the not-so-little ones. Trillion, our new Program Manager, came up with some very clever activities that were designed to keep our visitors cool on a hot summer day—no matter that it actually rained most of Sunday.

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Who knew that you could make a technicolor, cold bracelet or necklace out of cut-up and frozen sponges? Or that you could decorate a T-shirt with colored ice cubes?

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In addition to our crafts, we also gave out our last remaining comic books (there are still plenty if you want to stop by and take some!). I think Maurice, our Sunday security guard, is going to miss the reading material.

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If you’re hitting yourself for missing your chance to buy a Wonder Woman mug or Batman lunch box, don’t worry, because Esther has you covered! All superhero related items are still on sale at the museum shop for 35% off!

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