Generations 2005-2006: Telling Time: Stories and Storytellers in Honor of Gil Sandler

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Generations 2005-2006: Telling Time: Stories and Storytellers in Honor of Gil Sandler

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner

The Bard of Baltimore: An Interview with Gilbert Sandler

“The Dispersed of Judah”: A Speech on the Jew Bill, 1825 by John S. Tyson, Esq.

The Publisher Departs: The Rabbi as “Black Republican” by Rabbi David Einhorn

Three Bloody Days: Letters from the Bialystock Pogrom, 1906 by Chaim Goldberg

A Smelkinson’s Eye View of the World:Place, Memory, and Stories of an East Baltimore Childhood by Deborah R. Weiner

The Married Bachelor by Ethel Rubinstein Berman

The Great Escape: A True Story of Jewish Intrigue in Baltimore, circa 1930 by Gedaliah Cohen

Israel Bonds, Kosher Chickens, and the FBI by Harry Diamond

Photo Gallery: Every Picture Tells a Story by Jobi Zink

Dad’s Store, 1920-1968 by Hilda Perl Goodwin

Starting Out by Irene Siegel

Marching for Soviet Jewry by Shoshana S. Cardin

Divided Lives: A Generation of Baltimore Jewish Women Tell Their Tales by Pamela S. Nadell

Hand-Made Haggadot: The Zaben Family Haggadah

Chronology: Telling Time: A Century of Maryland Historical Writing

Field Notes: Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust by Louis D. Levine

Review: Gil Sandler: An Appreciation by Michael Olesker

Cost: $10

To order a print copy of Generations 2007-2008, please contact Esther’s Place, the JMM Museum Shop at 443-873-5179 or email Devan Southerland, Museum Shop Assistant at

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