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The Baltimore Jewish Times publishes unidentified photographs from the collection of Jewish Museum of Maryland each week. If you can identify anyone in these photos and more information about them, contact Joanna Church by email at jchurch@jewishmuseummd.org

JMM 1996.026.362.5

Date run in Baltimore Jewish Times: March 23, 2018

PastPerfect Accession #: 1996.026.362.5

Status: Identified! Lighting the electric menorah at Sinai Hospital, c. 1980. Pictured are (left to right): Rabbi Samuel Vitsick, Dr. Spencer Forman (President of Sinai), Patsy Gilbert (head of Ladies’ Auxiliary), and either Gordon Alsheimer or Harold Gilbert.

Thanks To: Elliot Birnbaum, Sarah Vitsick Schabes, Jonathan Kirman, Lenny Miller, Wallace Klein, Howard Elling, Bryan H. Potts, Robert Fineberg, Ted Wolman, Phil Shapiro, Jackie Shargal, Gerald Hofkin, Bernie Kozlowsky, Polly Senker, Norman Karshner, Sharon Wolfe, Ilene Powers, Shirley Goodman, Joyce Levy, and two anonymous respondents.

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