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Jewish daughter diaries

August 24, 2014

Book Talk: The Jewish Daughter Diaries

Sunday, August 24th, 1:00pm


with author Rachel Ament


The Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of Being Loved Too Much By Our Moms is a hilarious, and heartfelt essay collection about Jewish mothers, featuring essays by prominent writers and entertainers including The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik. Whether the essay features a mom impersonating her daughter on Jdate, a mom who makes half her daughter’s bed while her daughter is still sleeping in the other half, or a mom who takes her camp‐hating daughter on a visit to a “summer camp consultant,” the book is sure to strike a familiar chord in anyone who has been loved too much by their moms.


Rachel amentRachel Ament is a writer and editor living in Washington, DC. She has been published in the New York Times, The Jerusalem Post, Oxygen, AOL, Hello Giggles, and other publications. She was on the writing staff for the New Orleans-based film Nola  and her writing will be included in the anthology The Truth About Memoir: How to Write About Yourself and Others with Honesty, Emotion and Integrity, to be published in November.

Start: August 24, 2014 1:00 pm
End: August 24, 2014 2:30 pm

August 13, 2014

Late Night on Lloyd Street: After Hours Mad Pickle Science!

Wednesday, August 13th, 6pm – 9pm




If you still haven’t visited the Electrified Pickle this is the prefect opportunity! Come and visit the museum after hours, explore the experiments in the exhibit and play with some of our favorite experiments from our Sunday programs. This of course includes electrifying Pickles! We will also be welcoming Mad Science, with their show Bubbling Potions, essentially lots of dry ice plus freezing pickles.


As with all late nights we will have plenty of food and drink available. Please be aware this event has a maximum number of places available so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Start: August 13, 2014 6:00 pm
End: August 13, 2014 9:00 pm

August 10, 2014

Eavesdropping On Hell

Sunday, August 10, 3:00pm


Speaker Dr. David Hatch



From James Bond to Bletchley Circle, Code Makers and Breakers Inspire the Imagination

Hear the Real Stories Behind 4 Jewish Code Breakers

From Navajo Windtalkers to the women of Bletchley Circle, the mysterious world of codes, ciphers and those who make and break them has proven fertile ground for the imagination, inspiring authors, filmmakers, and television producers to tell their stories. This Sunday join us at the Jewish Museum of Maryland as Dr. David Hatch shares some of the true stories about the minds behind America’s efforts in cryptology surrounding World War II.



On loan from the National Cryptologic Museum, Dr. Hatch will focus on four Jewish men working for the U.S. Army. They, along with others, developed techniques and technology vital to breaking Axis codes and ciphers – and even created a cipher of their own for the United States. For national security reasons the contributions of these men and their colleagues were kept secret for decades after the war. Now is your chance to hear those secrets. As a bonus the National Cryptologic Museum has loaned an original enigma machine to the Jewish Museum of Maryland, which will be on display for one day only.



Dr. Hatch’s presentation, Eavesdropping From Hell, takes place at 3:00pm on Sunday, August 10th at the Jewish Museum of Maryland at the Herbert Bearman Campus. The program is included with museum admission. Check our website ( or contact Trillion Attwood, 410-732-6400 x215 for more program information.



About Dr. David Hatch



Dr. David A. Hatch has a master’s degree in East Asian Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a Ph.D. in International Relations from American University in the District of Columbia.  After service with the U.S. Army, he took a position with the National Security Agency in 1973.  He spent nearly two decades as an analyst, staff officer, and supervisor.  In 1990, he transferred to NSA’s Center for Cryptologic History; following a convoluted series of retirements and reorganizations, he became the Agency’s Historian.  He is the author of a number of classified and unclassified histories about cryptology and NSA.


Start: August 10, 2014 3:00 pm
End: August 10, 2014 4:30 pm