Calendar of Events

Dec 25th

Northern Exposure – The Best of Season 1

Sunday, December 25th from 12pm

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Join us for a relaxing afternoon as we visit Cicely, Alaska. Inspired by Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in America, we will be screening the highest rated episodes from Season One of Northern Exposure, starting with the premiere episode. This cult TV show follows the life of recently graduated New York City physician, Dr. Joel Fleischman, who is sent to practice in Alaska to fulfill his obligation after Alaska paid for his medical education.


Throughout the screening we will be serving popcorn and hot chocolate.


The Episodes:


The Pilot – where else would we start but with the first introduction of our favorite fish-out-of-water Jewish doctor!


Brains, Know-How and Native Intelligence – Here we meet many of Cecily’s most colorful characters.


Russian Flu – accusations of spying, biological terrorism, and a visit from the back-home fiancée? An episode not to be missed.


Aurora Borealis: A Fairy Tale for Big People – the final episode of season one, the perfect place to end our relaxing day!

Dec 25th

Mitzvah Day 2016

Sunday, December 25th, 10 am – 12pm



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Join us for Mitzvah Day in partnership with the Jewish Volunteer Connection. Bring your family and give back to our community with thousands of other volunteers across Baltimore. This year we take inspiration for our current exhibit Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in America. Help us to make Soup Kits and decorate soup bowls that will help feed our community and be donated to Living Classrooms. Activities are suitable for all ages.


Dec 18th

Debating our Fate: End-of-Life Care in Maryland

Sunday, December 18th at 1pm

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Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in AMerica logo, shades of green with a stethoscope as the ampersand.



This important topic is one that is too often only discussed at the most challenging of times. Our panel of experts will discuss end-of-life care, including Jewish teachings and the contemporary legal landscape.




Carla S. Alexander, MD

University of Maryland School of Medicine



Rabbi Mitchell S Ackerson

Director, Pastoral Care, Lifebridge Health System



Rabbi David Rose

Chaplain, Hospice JSSA



Rabbi George Driesen

Compassion and Choices