Calendar of Events

Apr 15th – May 01

On Display: Learning Your Letters: Braille Art

Learning Your Letters: Braille Art is presented by the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the Braille Art Gallery. The exhibit features braille drawings by artists of all ages and all abilities, to promote braille literacy.


The exhibit will be open to the public in the lobby of the Jewish Museum of Maryland, from April 15, 2015, through May 3, 2015.

making art

For additional information, please contact the Museum at 410-732-6400.

Apr 12th

Egypt Family Day


Sunday, April 12

12:00pm – 4:00pm

$5 Admission for Families


Join us for a fun filled day of hands-on activities for all things Egypt! Learn about archaeological digs (and try your hand at a little digging of your own) and Ancient Egypt-inspired crafts!


Apr 5th