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Oct 22nd

Abraham to Ezra: Israel’s Earliest Encounters with Ancient Iraq

Sunday, October 22nd at 1pm


Speaker Dr. Barry M. Gittlen, Towson University


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Biblical narratives locate Iraq as the origin of the first patriarch, Abraham.  As history unfolds, Iraq (then known as Assyria and Babylonia) plays a major role, sometimes friendly but mostly quite unfriendly.  Yet following the return of exiles from Babylon under the leadership of Ezra, many Jews remained in Iraq and generations later some were the compilers of the Babylonian Talmud.  This illustrated presentation will introduce the impact ancient Iraq had on the development of ancient Israel and Judaism.

Oct 24th

Feast of Flavors: A Cooking Demo and Tasting

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October 24th at 6:30pm 


Speaker: Vered Guttman, food writer





Guttman will demonstrate how to cook some traditional Iraqi Jewish foods – first tasted in the kitchen of her own Iraqi Jewish grandmother. After the demonstration, enjoy a feast of Iraqi flavors. All food served in observance of dietary laws.


Vered Guttman has been writing a food column for Israel’s daily newspaper, Haaretz, for the last six years, focusing on Israeli and Jewish food. She also writes the Ethnic Market Scout series for the Washington Post Food Section.


Vered is also a chef and caterer specializing in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and working in the Washington DC area.


Growing up in Israel, Vered took her first steps in Jewish cooking sitting at the table of her two grandmothers, one from Poland, the other from Iraq. To these traditional Jewish flavors, she later added the wonders of Israel’s modern fusion kitchen to create new Israeli-inspired recipes.


Oct 29th

Free Fall Baltimore: Free Admission Today

In conjunction with Free Fall Baltimore, admission to the Museum is FREE all day! We also have a great FREE public program, Scapegoats: The Fate of Iraq’s Jews 1917 -2017. More info on this program is here.


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