Collections Hit List

*  Interior photographs of the Lloyd Street Synagogue in use during the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, St. John the Baptist Church, Shomrei Mishmeres or Jewish Historical Society of Maryland eras.

* Photographs of, and invitations to, B’nai Mitzvot (Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Bas Mitzvah) and confirmations held in Maryland.

* Photographs, minute books, ledgers, ephemera and objects from now-defunct synagogues (including Har-Brook Hebrew Congregation), Jewish fraternal organizations, clubs, or Jewish-owned businesses in Maryland, especially those outside of the Baltimore area.

* Photographs, archival material, ephemera or artifacts related to Labor Unions in Maryland.

* Photographs and memorabilia from Jewish high school fraternities and sororities.

* Tips & Taps employee magazines from Hutzler’s, dating from 1976 onward.

* Information or photographs related to the Beth Jacob Softball League.

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