The Jewish Museum of Maryland always has one or two-or even three-exhibition projects in development. It’s a big job, and you can help! If you have stories to tell, or objects, photographs, and memorabilia to lend that are related to any of the topics listed below, we want to hear from you.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Jews, Health, and Healing

We invite your participation in our upcoming major exhibition, projected to open in 2015. Jews, Health, and Healing will examine how Jewish heritage affects our experience of health and illness, and what it means to be Jewish and working in the healing professions. We will look at the contributions of Maryland doctors and other health professionals, the history of Baltimore’s venerable Sinai Hospital, including its storied nurses training program, the local pharmaceutical industry, contemporary efforts to promote wellness in our community, and much more.

Share with us!

If you have photographs, objects, or reminiscences that illustrate your work in the healthcare field, your professional training, healthcare discoveries and disappointments, we want to hear from you. Please contact Karen Falk at 410-732-6402, ext. 227, or email

Passages Through The Fire: Jews and the American Civil War 

October 13, 2013-February 28, 2014

In the gathering crisis leading up to the Civil War, an estimated 90% of America’s 150,000 Jews were newcomers who had been in the United States fewer than 20 years. Passages Through the Fire: Jews and the American Civil War examines the roles played by these greenhorns and other American Jews in the events leading up to the Civil War, the war itself, and the war’s aftermath. The exhibition, on loan from the Yeshiva University Museum, proposes that these challenges and opportunities acted as a crucible that rapidly transformed American Jewry.

The Jewish Museum of Maryland plans to add information specific to the experiences of Maryland Jews during the war. If you have family photos, keepsakes, letters or diaries from this period, we want to hear from you. Please contact Karen Falk at 410-732-6402, ext. 227, or email

Project Mah Jongg

March 30-August 7, 2014

Since the 1920s, the game of mah jongg has ignited the Jewish-American imagination in living rooms and gathering spots around the country. This highly acclaimed exhibition, developed by the Museum of Jewish Heritage (New York), explores the traditions, history, and meanings of the game in Jewish-American life until today.

Help us “make it Maryland” by including your old or new photos of you and your friends and family playing “mahj,” your vintage game sets, rules booklets, mah jongg-themed dishware on which you served refreshments at your game, special table covers, and more. We’re also interested in materials related to board game production in Maryland (think Avalon Hill!). Please contact Karen Falk at 410-732-6402, ext. 227, or email