FY20 Donations to the Collections

Janet and Paul Kramer: Archival and photo materials (with a few small artifacts) related to Baltimore public schools; local Masonic organizations; and Beth Tfiloh Brotherhood, 1940s-80s.

Robert and Carol Keehn: Postcards written by a salesman at Klosefit Kap Co (owned by Manuel Grossman, Carol Keehn’s father), 1940s; Western High School yearbook, 1943, owned by Carol’s mother Mildred Rodman Grossman.

Ken Weinberg: Awards and certificates related to the career and philanthropic activities of Amalie Adler Ascher, who wrote a gardening column for the Sun, 1960s-2010s.

Marlene Meyer: Two plastic clothes hangers from Cross Country Clothes (Pikesville), ca. 1975.

Margot Zipper: Mink stole, from “Herman Kwash, Baltimore” – worn by the donor, Margot Baida Zipper, 1950s-60s.

Linda Lapides: Ephemera from various Jewish Maryland people, businesses, and organizations, mid-late 20th century.

Duke and Phyllis Zimmerman: Four small boxes from Garfinckel’s, a high-end DC department store with branches in suburban Maryland, 1960s; Jewish Museum of Maryland t-shirt, ca. 2009, worn by donor at various JMM events and activities.

Neal Borden: Framed print: “The Sixth Massachusetts Regiment Repelling the Attack of the Mob in Pratt Street, Baltimore, April 19th, 1861,” from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated, published shortly after the event.

Janice B. Altman: Two dresses worn by her mother, Toby Angster Weinblatt, early 1940s, including a cream-colored day dress worn at her wedding in 1941.

Jim Hutzler: Advertising postcard, Stag Brand Semi-Paste Paint, Hirshberg, Hollander & Co., Baltimore, 1907.

Laraine Fisher: Documents and photos related to her mother, Gussie Oberman Hazman, and her time with the JEA Alliance Players, early 1930s.

John Sondheim: Walking cane, owned by Walter Sondheim; yearbook, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation confirmation class 1964.

Mildred Isaacs: Nazi officer’s winter hat, obtained by Dr. Mark L. Isaacs of Baltimore during his WWII military service, and worn by him for many years afterward as a symbol of victory (and because it’s extremely warm).

Linda Klein McAuliffe Congedo: Tailor’s mirror, used in Louis Block’s tailor shop on St. Paul Street, early 20th century; home medical electrical device, owned by the Blocks and sold by Jos. M. Zamoiski, Baltimore.

Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University: Large photograph of William S. Rayner, president of the Hebrew Benevolent Society and a founder of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, early 20th century.

Adele Taube: Archival materials from Brith Sholom, Baltimore; souvenir ‘shovel’ from the groundbreaking of Beth Yehuda Anshe Kurland Synagogue, 1954.

Wendy Davis: Lapel pin, Sigma Alpha Mu (“SAM”), a Jewish fraternity, worn by University of Maryland chapter president Gordon Salganik, late 1940s.

Helen Hatfield: Three framed documents – naturalization certificate, 1914, and both civil and religious marriage certificates, 1917 – belonging to Abraham Schlossberg of Baltimore.

Rabbi Johanna Potts and David Scher: Archival and photographic materials related to the Potts and Kaplan families, including materials from Little Potts’ furniture store in East Baltimore, and Dr. Louis Kaplan’s work with the Baltimore Hebrew University and the Board of Jewish Education, early-mid 20th century.

Jewish Community Services: Two citations awarded to Baltimore’s Jewish Information Service, from the city and the state, 1988.

Toby Epstein: Collection of materials related to the life and career of Ruth Teplitsky Freedman, who was born in Russia, emigrated as a child with her mother to Argentina, trained as a fine needleworker, and moved to Baltimore where she raised her family. Includes samples of her work, her diploma from the Argentinian school, some handwork tools and products from both Argentina and America, and the 1928 Singer sewing machine her mother purchased in Argentina for her to work on.

Maryland Historical Society: Crib and infant-sized dresser, purchased by Bernice and Jacob Sakols of Baltimore for their two sons, late 1940s; desk chair, made by Thalheimer Office Outfitters, Baltimore, ca. 1920s-40s.

Nicholas Redd: Small stained-glass window, with Magen David, from Temple B’nai Sholom, Essex, 1950s.

Eric Goldstein: Archival and photographic materials related to Congregation Kneseth Israel and the Annapolis Jewish community, early-mid 20th century.

Bernice Millman: 1961-62 Talmudical Academy calendar, and two prayer booklets from Sylvan S. Lewis & Son Memorial Chapel, Reisterstown, mid 20th century.

Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim: Pair of large decorative menorahs, Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim, mid 20th century.

Dr. Sheldon and Saralynn Glass: Materials from Gundry/Glass Hospital and Glass Health Programs, including mid-late 20th century staff and community swag, as well as antique apothecary jars from the Johns Hopkins Harriet Lane facility, repurposed by the Glasses as candy jars for patients.

Susan Manekin: Wedding dress and accessories from Baltimore’s Wolf Cohn, Inc., worn by Sheba Gorfine Manekin, 1951, as well as a Wolf Cohn beret and three shop boxes, mid 20th century.

Alan Hayes: Audio-visual and archival materials related to Litman Litow, a Holocaust survivor and resistance fighter from Poland, and long-time cantor at Beth Israel, Salisbury, MD, 1980s-90s.

Gilbert Rosenthal: Baltimore marriage-related documents: donor’s parents’ ketubah, 1932, and donor’s p’tur, 1993.

Robert and Carol Keehn: Two photos of Joseph Rodman (Carol Keehn’s grandfather) in his hat workshop, Baltimore, ca. 1930.

JoAnn Fruchtman: Materials related to the life and career of her mother, Jane Krieger Cohen Schapiro, including family photos, personal mementos, and pieces from her many charitable endeavors, Baltimore, early-late 20th century.

Susan Katzenberg: Masonic certificate, Berney Katzenberg, Sr., member of the Chesapeake Consistory No. 1, Baltimore, 1919; WWII dogtag and other items from career of Herbert M. Katzenberg; framed photo of Capt. Berney Katzenberg, Jr., in uniform, WWII (he was killed in action); charm bracelet given to Gloria Balder of Baltimore by her then-boyfriend before he went off to war, 1943.

Richard Matz: Condolence letter to the Matz family from Abel Wolman of Baltimore, 1956.

Har Sinai Congregation of Baltimore City: Archival and audio-visual material from Har Sinai, including several books owned by various clergy, 20th century; and copies of Rabbi Einhorn’s mid-19th century newspaper “Sinai.”

Michael Gallagher: Sketch by Baltimore artist Reuben Kramer, 1975.

Rhea Jaffe: Children’s book of Jewish stories, given to the donor as a 6th birthday present by her grandparents, Baltimore, 1928.

Shelley Lev Wiseman and Judy Lev Schlossberg: “Special Collectors Edition” box of Manischewitz Matzos, sold by Edmart Deli, 2019; signage from Edmart, 1980s-2010s.

Barbara Friedman and Susan Weikers: Materials (primarily photos and documents, with a few artifacts) from the life and career of Doris Unger Weikers Kahn of Baltimore (1914-2018).

Lorie Rombro: Bat Mitzvah presents, Beth Tfiloh, Baltimore: cloth doll, 1984, and two teddy bears, 1987.

Maxine Cohen: Personal textiles owned and used by her mother, Naomi Biron Cohen, Baltimore, 1950s-70s: box of handkerchiefs, some in original packaging, and fancy pillowcases/bedcover, handmade, with receipt for materials from Hutzler’s.

Robin Kaplan: Two pins from the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, worn by the donor at Tulane University, 1970s.

Arnold Fruman: Documents related to the construction of the Fruman home on Glen Avenue, 1947; “Farewell Shabos” program from Beth Jacob Congregation, 2007.

Beth Am Synagogue: Archival material related to the congregation’s history and current operations.

Monique T. Haskins: Flyer and enamel pin, “Jews of Color Field Building Initiative,” collected by the donor at a Baltimore meeting of same, 2020.

Sally Levin: Three small pieces of jewelry, owned and worn by Henrietta Szold and her mother Sophie Schaar Szold, and a leather wallet stamped “B. Szold,” purchased from a Baltimore shop, owned by Rabbi Benjamin Szold, early 20th century.

Ann Gilbert: Archival materials, Arpad Himmel (b. Budapest 1935 – d. Finksburg, Md, 2015), including European identification papers (pre- and post-war), travel documents, and US naturalization paperwork.

Janet Livingston: Phoenix Club booklet, 1945: “This Is Your Club,” including membership roster by category (with officers and committees as well as general members), dues, initiations fees, etc.

Cerrill Meister: Silver lame paisley gown with separate belt, made by Holocaust survivor Frima Meister, 1970s.

Whitney Whiteman: Beth Tfiloh summer camp t-shirt, modified and personalized by the donor for her daughter, 2018.


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