FY17 Donations to the Collections

Arlene Schimberg: Framed oil painting of a Sinai nurse, commissioned for the nurse’s lounge at Sinai Hospital, circa 1960.

 Saralynn Glass: T-shirt for the Team Beth-El Congregation participants in the Komen Race for the Cure, 2009.

Bonnie Block: Items related to Carl Satossky of Baltimore and the Owl Club, 1910-1918, including a loving cup awarded at the 1914 Star Spangled Banner Centennial; a small history book written in 1949; a photo of the club ca. 1915; and a photo of a member proudly holding the cup, 1990s.

Irwin Epstein: 1949 letter from Dr. Louis Kaplan to Irwin Epstein and Elizabeth Nusbaum, related to their wedding.

Sidney Krome: Scrapbook related to Sally Krome Levin’s tenure as president of the Maryland Free State Post & Auxiliary No. 167, Jewish War Veterans of the USA, 1990-1993.

Ira Askin: T-shirt: worn by the donor as a member of the “Rough Runners,” a group of friends who took up jogging in their 50s, at Woodholme Country Club, Baltimore.

Arnold Fruman: An original photo of the Phi Sigma fraternity, Baltimore, circa 1935.

Myrna Cardin: Paper ephemera from the Cardin and Shavitz families, Baltimore, 20th century, including a set of leather ‘novelty’ postcards, 1906-1907.

Debs Weinberg: Material related to the Amicable Lodge No. 25 (Masonic Lodge) of Baltimore, of which owner’s father and grandfather were members. Includes two ceremonial aprons, 1919 (grandfather, Joseph Silberman) and 1954 (father, Eugene Irvin Silberman).

Debra Rabin: Booklet: “13th Joint Report, Federated Jewish Charities of Baltimore and Constituent Societies, 1920.”

Harry Macks: University of Maryland Medical School diploma (framed), 1911, and “Prohibition-era prescriptions” (i.e., for liquor), from owner’s uncle Dr. Isaac Macks.

Senator Barbara Mikulski: Bronze sculpture of Moses, by unidentified artist, presented to Senator Mikulski in 2006: Congressional Leadership award, presented by the American Jewish Committee.

The Altman family: Model of the Auschwitz camp, 4’ x 5’, made by Andrew Altman, a 10th grader, in honor of his grandfather.

Wilbur Wolf, Jr.: Sixteen postcards, written in Yiddish, dated 1906-1909 and addressed to Morris (Moses) Fisher at various addresses in Baltimore.

 Linda Lapides: Souvenir cigar box given to Sgt. Menasha Katz by Maryland Governor Nice in 1938.

Belle Sussman: Brass menorah, five-branched, from Shomrei Mishmeres (Lloyd Street Synagogue), removed for safekeeping in the 1960s during renovations.

Wendy Davis: Green jacket, owned by donor’s father, for Camp Glyndon (a camp for children with diabetes, 1960s); wedding dress, worn by both donor (1973) and her mother (1948), Baltimore.

Sharon Fine: Photos and postcards, the Gordon family and the Posvohler Friendly Society, Baltimore, 1920s-1930s.

Joyce Jandorf: Wedding gown and hand-made tuxedo, worn by donor’s parents at their 1940 wedding in Baltimore.

Baltimore Museum of Industry: Archival material and ephemera from the collection of Max Rubin.

Helen Glaser: Framed charcoal or pastel portrait of Sarah Arbesman of Baltimore, early 20th century.

Vera Kestenberg: Photo of Baltimore HIAS volunteers, and program for Baltimore HIAS’s 85th anniversary.

Hannah Flaks: Framed photo of the Sinai School of Nursing class of 1961; well-used Manischevitz cookbook, owned by donor’s grandmother and mother before her.

 Sylvia Nudler: Archival material from Bais Yaakov School for Girls, a few souvenirs from local weddings, and a Mama Cass 45 lp owned by Sylvia as a teenager.

Roseanne Skirble: Framed diploma from a Tel Aviv high school, 1924, signed by Henrietta Szold, along with an affadavit (1928) vouching for the legitimacy of Szold’s signature.

Myrna Siegel: Three fancy 19th century Rosh Hashanah cards, no inscriptions, and a set of 25 chromolithograph die-cut “scraps” with Jewish themes – for the K (educational) collection.

Tobin Porterfield: Hendler Creamery print ads, 1920s, and photos of a Hendler Ice Cream delivery to donor’s father’s drug store in Carroll County, 1950s.

Roslyn Klein: Early-mid 20th century table-top key making machine from Klein’s Paint and Supply, Baltimore.

Dr. Barry Lever: Five boxes and eight tubes of rolled material (archival with some photos and a few artifacts) on the “Exodus” anniversary project, 1990s; one copy print of a 1940s family wedding photo.

Shirley Davids: Three photos, 1920s-30s, of JEA and YMHA basketball teams.

Ben Plotkin: Material related to the Plotkin family: Mr. Plotkin’s baby book, several loose photos and documents, a cassette tape containing an informal interview with his cousin Iris, and a genealogy report.

Sylvia Nudler: Documents and photos from her family’s experience in post-war Austria (including time in a displaced persons camp), and their eventual immigration to the US (Baltimore).

 Toby Gordon: Index card file (in small box): everyone invited to owner’s wedding in 1982, and the gifts received from them.

Sally Levin: Small Bible given by Henrietta Szold to her sister Sadie in 1889; copy of Governor O’Malley’s proclamation upon the induction of Szold into the National Women’s Hall of Fame, 2007.

Betty Aaron: Small enameled copper tray, handmade, marked “Blanche Fagan / B’nai Brith Girls / Chapter 1082,” owned by donor’s aunt, ca. 1950s.

FY16 Donations to the Collections

Debra Zimbler: 1941 Phoenix Club yearbook, owned by donor’s father.  Gift of Debra Zimbler in memory of Morton Zimbler.

 Benjamin Plotkin: Sterling silver and silverplate serving pieces, including one five-piece place setting; two baby cups; one baby spoon; child’s milk pitcher; pewter salt shaker; plus a family photograph, identified.  All from the Plotkin family of Baltimore.

Joseph Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds: Citations awarded by Baltimore County, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives to Lyn P. Meyerhoff, in recognition of her posthumous induction into the Jewish Community Center’s Baltimore Hall of Fame.

Ellen Kahan Zager: Archival and artifact material from K. Hettleman & Sons, and Ansam Metals, two Baltimore scrap metal companies; several publicity posters/brochures from local Jewish organizations, designed by the donor, 1980s; a metal printing plate used to create Hebrew teaching material; and other artifacts, archival material, and photos, related to donor’s families (Fox, Hettleman, and Kahan) and business interests, Baltimore

Elaine Rosenfeld: Small collection of archival material related to the life and career of Baltimore artist Edward Rosenfeld.

Fay Krosin, via Bobbie Horwitz: Two scrapbooks from Sinai Hospital School of Nursing, Baltimore, 1950s-60s.

Donna Moffatt: Six commemorative plates, ceramic, produced and sold by Hutzler’s Dept Store, Baltimore.

Esther Weiner: Items from/related to Weiner’s Pharmacy, Baltimore: 1920s typewriter, used in the pharmacy to type bottle labels and the like; a snapshot of Esther herself in front of the store, 1940s; two 1940s pharmacy textbooks, used by Morty Weiner while at the University of Maryland pharmacy school; small tin of quinine pills, 1910s.

 Margaret Nomentana: Collection of letters sent to donor’s ancestor Jacob Epstein, 1900s-40s; primarily from women, including both short-term and long-term extra-marital relationships.

Nancy Bushwick Malloy: Five novelty ceramic liquor bottles, 1960s-70s, from the Highlandtown liquor store “Adolf’s” owned by the Tunis and Bushwick families

Phil Sagal: Plaster bust of owner’s father, Abe Sagal, made by a local art teacher in 1932. On marble base (original).

 Morton Esterson: Archival material related primarily to local synagogues and organizations.

Ira Askin: Certificate, pin, and ID card related to donor’s service in the National Defense Executive Reserve.

Ray and Nadine Weinstein: Yiddish Tales, presented to a member of the Beth Jacob Sisterhood in 1946.

Adiva and Harry Sotzsky: Archival records, photos, and three pennants from the Jewish Navy, an organization of Jewish recreational boaters and boat owners based in Annapolis.

Barry Kostinsky: Westward Ho!, yearbook of Western High School (Baltimore), 1931.

Leah Schuman: Tifereth Israel Congregation (Forest Park) dedication plaque, 1949; Warne’s Complete English-Jewish Letter Writer and Legal Forms of Contract, 1900.

Doris Morgenstern Wachsler: Collection of original documents and photos related to Dr. and Mrs. Morgensterns’ life, careers, and immigration to Annapolis in the 1930s.

Paul Walsky: 1900s-10s papers – invoices, bills, letters, receipts – and a 1917 patent, generated by personal and business interests of Isaac Walsky of Baltimore.

Bobbie Selnick: Hatbox from Schleisner Co., Baltimore.

Arnold Fruman: Three framed original artworks, by Aaron Sopher and Don Swann, Sr., which hung in the office of Leonard Fruman at National Lumber.

Frances Banks: Scripts, lyrics, and prayers, handwritten by Florence Hoffman Myers for various Baltimore Jewish organizations; a diary written by Gertrude Hoffman Deitz during a 1951 trip to Israel; a Baltimore high school sorority/fraternity roster book, 1960.

Judy Wolfe: Gwynn Oak Park nickel; paper ephemera related to the political careers of Marvin Mandel and Samuel N. Friedel; three 4 oz. bottles of Manischewitz; novelty product, “Eau de Gefilte Fish.”

Barbara Taylor and Arch Peregoff: Framed portrait of Lillian Savetman Peregoff (1908-1958) of Baltimore, painted by local artist Ronald Lee Anderson, 1952.

Duke Zimmerman: T-shirt, signs, stickers, and flyers collected by donor from Baltimore rallies against the Iran deal, September 2015.  NOTE that we would like to continue collecting material from current issues, and from all sides of such issues, affecting Maryland’s Jewish community.

Jo-Ann Orlinsky for Baltimore Jewish Council: Two boxes of Baltimore Jewish Council records, 1930s onward.

Helene Waranch for Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland: Two boxes of material from the Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland.

Jewish Community Services: Ten boxes of records: deceased Holocaust survivors, adding to our existing HIAS records collections.

Marvin Spector: Blue t-shirt, “Walk for Israel”, with “SWEEPER” (a volunteer position) on the back, 1980s, worn by the donor as head of the volunteer youth group sweepers.

Saralynn Glass: Copy of the White House Cook Book, 1887, from donor’s mother’s collection

Penny George and Mark Trunk: Handmade advertising sign, Hendler ice cream, from Sollod’s Pharmacy in South Baltimore, 1940s or earlier; later used in The Olde Malt Shop (same site).

The Hendler's sign on display in our Beyond Chicken Soup exhibit.

The Hendler’s sign on display in our Beyond Chicken Soup exhibit.

Marcia Goldman: Hanging scale, used at Lazinsky’s Fish Market (donor’s family), Lombard Street, early 20th century.  Gift of Marcia Berlin Goldman, in memory of Morris and Sarah Lazinsky and their children Helen Lazinsky Cohen, Samuel Lazinsky, Joseph Lazinsky, Lena Lazinsky Berlin, and Rose Lazinsky Schwartz.

Joan Raskin, M.D.: Doll dressed in a replica Sinai nurses uniform of 1919, white and blue with a white cap, given to donor as a child in 1935.

 Elsa Wolman Katana: Archival material collected by/related to the career of Abel Wolman (1892-1989), donor’s grandfather, including a published oral history and several publications related to Wolman’s work in Israel/Palestine.

Toby Gordon: Penny scale from Kramer’s Pharmacy; Stewart’s store receipt; confirmation photograph, 1970-1972; book of poetry by local author; metal document box from Meyer & Thalheimer, Baltimore.

Steve and Susan Sklar: Papers, photos, and memorabilia from the lives of Judge Albert and Sayde Sklar and their family.

Jack Schwartz: Large metal fabric winder/”spreader” used at Haas Tailoring.

Rachel V. Glazer: Educational material – curricula, blank test booklets, etc. – from the BJE of Baltimore, 1950s-60s.

Gilda Weinstein: Scrapbook/photo album from owner’s trip with her mother to Poland, Czechoslovakia, et.al. in 1980, including photos of Auschwitz.

Susan and Stanley I. Morstein: Two framed items related to the careers of Daniel and Bess Ellison, Baltimore: photo of Mrs. Ellison with Golda Meir, letter to Mr. Ellison from Judge Brandeis.  Gift of Susan and Stanley I. Morstein, and Bess M. Ellison

Mr. Morstein with his donation.

Mr. Morstein with his donation.

Merrill Lavine: T-shirt from Camp Woodbine, worn by owner’s sister, late 1960s. Gift of the Skip Lavine family

Sherrie Polsky: Three jewelry boxes (empty) from Baltimore-area Jewish-owned stores.

Tony Katz: Framed oil portrait of A. Ray Katz (1877-1938), owner’s grandfather and first Chairman of the newly merged Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore, painted by John Doctoroff in the 1940s.

 Collected by staff: Five signs collected by participants in social justice rallies (related to the May uprising and a recent rally for renters’ rights) co-sponsored by Jewish organizations, Baltimore, 2015.