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FY18 Donations to the Collections

Royce Hendler: Original photograph of a Workmen’s Circle group (including Nathan Hendler, 6th from the right in back row), no date (ca. 1930).

 Myra and Jerry Wittik: Small packet of material (scrapbooks, notes, and ephemera) from Samuel and Lena Wittik’s trip to Israel, May 2-16, 1973 (Mr. Wittik’s parents; they were from Baltimore); The First and Second Jewish Catalogs; Treasury of Holiday Thoughts by Rabbi Tabak of Baltimore, with inscription by the author; and five reference books appropriate for the Library.

Carol Sandler: Mrs. Sandler’s mother’s wedding dress, 1940, along with the shoes, brassiere, veil, and carrying case that go with it.

Dave Guy-Decker: The Fountain Inn Diary, by Matthew Page Andrews, 1948 – a history of the Southern Hotel, and the buildings that preceded it on the site – with pasted-in event ephemera from a Washington’s Birthday celebration at the Southern that year, and an inscription to Rabbi and Mrs. Lazaron from the hotel’s owner, AJ Fink.

Helene Waranch: Baby book, Helene Anne Hirsh (the donor), born at Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, May 22, 1946, filled in with thoroughness by her mother, EB Hirsh.

Maxine Cohen: Photograph from an event at Camp Airy, circa 1925, with many people identified.

Paul and Janet Kramer: Wedding ephemera, including documents and photos, from the 1929 and 1930 weddings of the donors’ parents; plus a small medal awarded to Mr. Kramer’s grandfather.

Jeffrey Knisbacher: Genealogical research, for Reference collection.

Linda Lapides: Collection of ephemera for Archives and Reference collections.

Heidi Schloss Decker: Coloring book created by the donor’s mother for pediatric patients at Sinai Hospital, circa 1960.

Marvin Spector: Collection of patches, pins, badges, shirts, jackets, hats, and accessories from Cub and Boy Scout troops in Baltimore, featuring a large number of items related to Jewish scouting, ca. 1950s-present day.

Steve Blacher: A ketubah and two photos from donor’s family in Baltimore, late 19th-early 20th centuries.

Howard Cohn: Artifacts and archival items from C&M Mills, including some equipment (table-top sized), painted signs, and product.

Jewish Community Services: Seven boxes of records: Holocaust survivors, Baltimore area, now deceased – part of JCS’s ongoing contribution to our HIAS collection.

Robert Hallock: Eight pieces of sheet music from popular Yiddish songs, 1910s-1950s, including two by mainstream recording artists – for K (Educational) collection.

Suburban Orthodox Congregation: A pair of carved and gilded lions, apprx 5’ long, with electrified eyes; they sat on either side of the ark at Suburban Orthodox from the 1950s until recently, and are thought to have come from an earlier, unidentified East Baltimore synagogue.

Mary-Jo Dale: 37 photos from Hutzler Bros., including both display windows and store events, 1940s-50s.

John Sondheim: Archival material from the Hollander, Guttmacher, and Sondheim families, and the career of local poet Marvin Solomon; some small artifacts related to Walter Sondheim, Jr.’s career at Hochschild-Kohn; three books (collected by donor’s father) owned and used by 19th century Jews in Baltimore and in Cecil County, Md.

 Debbie Liss Tyrangiel: Archival and photographic material – including scrapbooks, awards, speeches, etc. – from the life and career of Judge Solomon Liss of Baltimore; a portrait of Judge Liss’s children, painted by Cantor Henry Cooper; a complete set of “Home Start” kits produced by the Board of Jewish Education for a national audience.

Neil Bernstein: Small charcoal portraits of Zelda and Solomon Bernstein of Baltimore, early 20th century, and a photograph of their family.

The Associated: Scrapbooks and archival material related to Barbara Himmelrich’s tenure as President of the Associated.

Ryan Mercado: Artscroll Transliterated Linear Siddur for Sabbath and Festivals – purchased by the donor (from Olney, Maryland) from a Baltimore shop at the beginning of his conversion to Judaism – along with a written story about his “conversion journey.”

Rabbi Jeremy Fierstien: Program from the UMBC Hillel’s Freedom Seder, March 29, 2017.

Herbert Dahne: Small collection of archival material related to donor’s grandparents, Baltimore, late 19th-early 20th centuries.

Dr. Marvin Rombro: Boxed medal given to Dr. Joseph Schwartz of Baltimore by the United Jewish Appeal in honor of his humanitarian work, December 1962.

David Hoffberger: ‘Challenge Coin’ (souvenir) commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Commodore Uriah P. Levy Center and Jewish Chapel at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, 2015.

Peggy Pearlstein: Photos and archival material from the donor’s family, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, early-mid 20th century.

Michael Oppenheim: Small trophy given to Max Manacher of Baltimore in honor of his service as “Chancellor Commander” of Loyal Lodge No. 128, Knights of Pythias, Baltimore, 1926.

Nancy Schneider: Nate’s and Leon’s menu (with daily specials insert) from May 1947.

Michael and Barbara Hettleman: Sterling silver spice box, owned by Lillian Hettleman.

Betty Eckhaus: Bris gown (i.e., a long infant gown) worn by Sylvan Eckhaus of Baltimore in 1897; photo of Mr. Eckhaus as a baby. 

David Chapin: Book: Friends Mutual Society 25th Silver Anniversary: January 9, 1955. Includes photos and brief bios of members, as well as a variety of brief humorous essays on this Baltimore Jewish social group’s history and purpose. 

Stephen A. Goldman: Four original issues of Niles Weekly Register (a national paper printed in Baltimore) with coverage of the “Jew Bill” legislative process, from 1820 and 1825. 

Nancy Rombro: Formal gown, worn by Florence Block to the wedding of her daughter Nancy Block to Stuart Rombro on August 20, 1967, at Beth Jacob, Baltimore.  

Arnold Fruman: A ceremonial fez belonging to Frank Mazer (Joyce Fruman’s uncle), part of the Yedz Grotto, a Jewish men’s group. 

National Council of Jewish Women, Annapolis chapter: Records and photos from the NCJW Annapolis chapter, 1930s-today. 

Mark Neumann: Set of twelve matching Sedar plates, ca. 1920s, owned by Paula and Adolf Hamburger of Baltimore, and used at their annual family Sedar. 

Lawrence Davidson: Two portraits: Moses Rothschild, founder of Sun Life Insurance Co., and his wife Miriam Moses Rothschild. Painted by well-regarded artist Louis Kronberg (based in NYC) in the mid 1930s. 

Phil Jacobs: A Baltimore Jewish Times vending machine, in “excellent condition”, complete with coin slot and JT logo on front.

Jackie Glassgold: Naval officer’s uniform, WWII, worn by I. Leon Glassgold (later in life, he served as president of Chizuk Amuno).

Duke Zimmerman: Three posters: Walk for Israel, Baltimore, 1986; Hutzlers Palace ad, 1980s; “Call to Conscience: Artists for Women and Children Kosovo Benefit,” 1999 (a signed original)


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