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Below, find links to selected objects from the exhibit Fashion Statement with extra content! Some of this content is still in process, so be sure to check back often.


01. Gown, c. 1905.  Gift of Judith Davidson Greenfeld and Margery Greenfeld Morgan. JMM 2008.130.1a-b

02. Party dress, 1924. Gift of Hilda Cohen Fineberg. JMM 1991.217.1

04.  Flannel skirt, 1900-1905. Gift of Hyman Siegel and Helene Siegel Sherman. JMM 1985.132.1

06. Silk bodice, c. 1890. Gift of Mary Jo Ford Dale. JMM 1995.163.1

07. Evening coat with matching stole, 1941. Gift of Amalie Adler Ascher. JMM 1989.167.30

08. Necktie, c. 1970. Gift of Nathan Gruz. JMM 2001.110.8

10. Kid leather gloves, 1904. Gift of Lillian Naiman. JMM 1985.131.2a-b

13. Silk bonnet, c. 1910. Gift of Temple Oheb Shalom. JMM 2004.97.13

14. Wing collar, c. 1917. Gift of Birdie F. Hack. JMM 1989.107.1c

16. Morning suit and top hat, early 1920s. Gift of Blanche Sakols Schimmel. JMM 1987.39.1, .2, .3, .4

18. Grand Chaplain collar, mid-20th century. Gift of Brith Sholom Lodge. JMM 1996.13.53a-b

19. Tallit, early-mid 20th century. Gift of Frieda Faiman Eisenberg. JMM 1989.81.1

20. Fur and leather hat, c. 1990. Gift of Baruch Aronson. JMM 1994.74.1

21. Cantorial hat, mid-20th century. Gift of Sheila Shapiro. JMM 2001.80.1

23. Crown, mid-20th century. Gift of Helen Glaser. JMM 1998.114.5

24. Bandeau, 1967. Gift of Margot Zipper. JMM 2013.58.8

25. Net hat, 1950s. Gift of Gary and Judy Floam. K2017.4.2

26. Sheitel (wig), 1996. Gift of Marion Felsen. JMM 2001.35.1

28. Kippah, 1840s. Gift of Harry Berman. JMM 2003.20.1

36. Dress, 2018. On loan from Rabbanit Hadas Fruchter. JMM L2019.10.1

37. Book, The Gentleman’s Pocket Companion and Indispensable Friend. Leavitt and Allen, NY, 1855. Anonymous gift. JMM 1988.90.3

38. Book, Etiquette, Tashrak, Hebrew Publishing Co., NY, 1912. Museum purchase. K2018.6

41. Educational poster, 1920s. Gift of Shaarei Tfiloh Congregation. JMM 1994.111.13

42. Painting, “The Baltimore Girl,” 1907. Museum purchase. JMM 1989.208.1

48. Letter sweater, 1936. Gift of Rona Posner. JMM 2008.94.1

57. Women’s Army Corps uniform, 1944. Gift of Shirley F. Rosenberg. JMM 2008.20.1a-b

58. Ceremonial collar, 1920s. Gift of Marvin & Rhoda Getz and Payson & Elaine Getz. JMM 2004.29.1

59. Masonic apron, circa 1920. Gift of Debra Silberman Weinberg. JMM 2016.28.2

60. Motorcycle jacket,

61. Fez, 1950s. Gift of Arnold and Joyce Fruman. JMM 2018.4.1

65. Uniform, 1940s. Gift of Nurses’ Alumnae Association of Sinai Hospital. JMM 2009.92.4

69. Invitation, Israel Bonds Fashion Show, 1965. Gift of Kogan Printing Company. JMM 1988.218.72

70. Dress label, early 1920s. Gift of Brownie Cummins. JMM 2003.76.2

71. Original sketch for an advertisement, circa 1985. Gift of Jacob Klitenic. JMM 1991.220.13