The Jewish Museum of Maryland is one of the country’s leading centers for exhibits on Jewish history and culture.

The Museum has 3 exhibition galleries – two in the Main Museum building, and a new one in the lower level of the Lloyd Street Synagogue, that host changing exhibits of local and national interest. We combine art, rare objects, historical photographs, oral histories, videos and hands-on activities in engaging, informative exhibitions. Each exhibit created or hosted by the Museum reveals new perspectives on the Jewish experience in Maryland and beyond.

Remembering Auschwitz: History, Holocaust, Humanity

Jakob Enoch Rosenbaum Bar Mitzvah small

Remembering Auschwitz: History, Horror, Humanity tells the story of the town known today as Auschwitz from its vibrant, pre-20th century history through the darkness and horror that made it infamous.   The Remembering Auschwitz project combines three unique exhibits into one innovative experience:   A Town Known As Auschwitz: The Life and Death of a Jewish Community Developed […]

Jakob Enoch Rosenbaum Bar Mitzvah small
Just Married! Wedding Stories from Jewish Maryland

Frieda with title



Be our guest as we marry the drama and excitement of a wedding day with the extraordinary collections of artifacts, photos and documents assembled by The Jewish Museum of Maryland.  We promise nostalgia, surprise, humor, insight and a new level of understanding of the meaning and experience of this important social ritual.  From ketubahs to chuppahs and the sound of breaking glass, American Jewish weddings meld the secular with the religious, sometimes in unexpected ways. Just Married! explores how Jewish Marylanders, past and present, express their dual identities as American Jews and Jewish Americans through their weddings.


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