Intern Dopplegangers!

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There’s mysterious work afoot at the JMM…It’s intern season again, and we’ve noticed a few odd coincidences that have us scratching our heads and looking up obscure family trees. A couple of our interns (and one former intern) have truly uncanny dopplegangers!

Perhaps it’s just that we all have Mendes on the mind (honestly, when do we not have Mendes on the mind?), but we think the resemblance between Mendes Cohen and our new Education intern, Ozzy Weinreb, is clear to see!

Can you see the resemblance?

Can you see the resemblance?

Earlier this week, a pair of visitors—a mother and a daughter—told me as they left that they thought our other Education intern, Amy Lieber, was the spitting image of one of the girls in a photo in the Project Mah Jongg exhibit. The next day, Amy and I went into the exhibit to find which photo and which girl they were talking about. It didn’t take long for us to find Amy’s mah jongg loving, 1920s-era twin!

Channeling some 1920s fabulousness!

Channeling some 1920s fabulousness!

I’d be remiss if I wrote a whole blog post about intern dopplegangers and I didn’t mention Summer 2013 Curatorial intern, Yonah Reback, who bears a striking resemblance to actor Edward Norton.

Yonah doppleganger

We definitely did a double take at intern orientation last summer!

Are we just going crazy, or do you agree that we have some real-life dopplegangers on our hands?

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