The Non-Jew’s Jabber Vol 2: The Best Bagels In The City

Posted on November 9th, 2011 by

A blog post by Intern Sean Achumacher.

Before I get into breaking bread, I want to let everyone know what a fantastic time I am having here at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.  Everyone is so helpful and polite.  I really enjoyed the Brews and Schmooze event and I encourage everyone to come out to next month’s event Esther Fest.  

Back to the bagel.  The bagel is allied to Jewish culture here in Americaas it was brought here by Polish-Jews.  The history of the bagel dates back to Polandin the early 1600s where it was given as a gift to women in childbirth.  Some folks are unaware of how a bagel is made.  Before the bagel is baked it is boiled.  This gives the bagel its signature soft, chewy center and crispier exterior.  This is also why you will hear claims that New York Cityhas the best bagels because of how the city’s water system is so great.  I, on the other hand, will have to disagree.  Now I’m not a professionally trained bagel expert but I can tell the difference between a good bagel and a great bagel.  I’ve been to NYC many times and have gone to a place where I “had to try the bagels” because “they’re the best in the city” and they were good but they weren’t great.  The best bagel I have ever had…drum roll, please…is from Towson Hot Bagel or THB if you’re hip with acronyms.  There are two locations in theBaltimore area.  One is located inTowson,Maryland just north of the city and the other is located in the city, inCanton.  I will put their bagel up against any bagel.  So please challenge me and let’s hear where you think the best bagel comes from.

As promised, I’m selecting an object from the museum’s collection that has caught my eye and here it is.

I saw this pin on my first day interning and it immediately caught my eye because of my heritage and my love of bagels.  It made me feel comfortable in an unknown environment.

Don’t forget to come on out to the museum and check out our newest exhibit Chosen Foods: Cuisine, Culture, and American Jewish Identity, it’s fantastic!!!



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