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Like two kids in a candy shoppe, Karen Falk, Curator at the JMM, and I, Esther Weiner, the Shop Manager, took the Baltimore Free Bus, the Circulator, to the Baltimore Convention Center for the renowned ACC show. This is a show populated with artists from all over the United States, exhibiting their own crafts ranging from hand-loomed scarves to hand-woven jackets to magnificent jewelry, both gold and silver, to amazing blown glass decorative and useful pieces.

We oohed and ahhed our way down one aisle and another, stopping to look at all the booths, trying to decide if this was something that we would want to have in our own Museum Shop. Believe me, if I tell you that it’s a challenge, it is. You want to have all the candy in your own store…all the goodies.

And yes, we found something to bring to the customers and visitors to the JMM: an exquisite glass seder plate with perfectly sized dishes for each of the symbolic seder foods! We want the visitor to the JMM Museum Shop to feel just as good as we did in the ACC show by bringing back as many of the “candy pieces” as possible for our visitors to enjoy. And yes, we hope they will take something home with them!

So…do come to the JMM…do plan on visiting the Museum Shop…let us hear from you!

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