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Class Pictures

Posted on April 30th, 2020 by

Blog post by JMM archivist Lorie Rombro. You can read more posts by Lorie HERE.

I don’t know about you, but my house is boring me a bit. Seeing the same thing all day, every day was getting to me. I needed something new to look at.

So, I decided to change things up a bit – starting with the photographs I already had in frames and adding even more images around the house. This year my children’s school pictures were great, they looked good, they were clean and their clothes matched. This rarely happens! Normally I get back an image that looks more like a mug shot then the nice school pictures you always see.

As I looked at them I started to think of my own school and family pictures, like, how many people do I still recognize? Where are those pictures now?

Samson and Walter Feldman, 1915 class photo. JMM 1989.156.7b.

And then I started thinking about all the wonderful images in JMM’s Collections. At the Museum we have been incredibly lucky to have had people donate many of their own school photographs over the years.

Most of the time, the people in them are not famous, they’re just people who lived their lives as part of the Jewish communties of Baltimore and Maryland. But it’s these images that truly give us a glimpse into life here over the years. They are a joy to look at and wonder about the lives of the people pictured in them..

I wanted to share with you some of these school photos -like so many of our photographs, we don’t have names for many of the people pictured. Maybe you can help! If you recgonize anyone please let me know (

Please enjoy!

Park School graduating class, 1927, JMM 1991.126.13

Talmudical Academy 9th grade graduation class, June 1945, JMM 1998.95.1

Board of Jewish Education Hebrew School class, c. 1955, JMM 1992.108.28

Bais Yaakov School for Girls, 3rd grade class, 1957, JMM 1998.1.1

Har Sinai Hebrew School 5th grade class, JMM 2003.90.27

And of course, I had to include at least one of my own class photos!

Beth Tfiloh nursery school class 1978-1979 (can you spot me?).

We’d love to see some of your favorite class photos as well, so please share in the comments.

If you’re also going a bit stir crazy looking at the same old stuff on your walls, you might enjoy this fun prank a daughter played on her parents’ family picture wall!


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Judging My Family Story

Posted on March 21st, 2018 by

Blog post by JMM archivist Lorie Rombro. You can read more posts by Lorie here.

Make sure to stop in by March 25th, it’s your last chance to see these amazing projects!

This was my first experience working with the My Family Story project, an amazing program done with Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv.

As the projects came in to the Museum it was amazing to see the creativity and thoughtfulness that each child put into their piece.

I was even more amazed by the work when the curator statements where added, revealing the carefully researched stories behind each piece of art.

It was a great honor to be asked to judge the event, along with members of the JMM Board of Trustees, and JMM volunteers.

Each judge was given a group of projects to look at and to view them in turns of aesthetics, creativity, depth of research and Jewish peoplehood. This helped allow me to focus on the projects – otherwise I might not have been able to decide! Every project told an incredible story of a family’s journey and I was impressed by all the work that was done.

Each judge then presented their top projects, which were discussed and reviewed by all the judges.

All the finalists were amazing and it was truly a difficult decision to get down to the final two for the Beth Tfiloh group. One of the projects I selected as a “top two” was chosen as a winner! Erela I.’s piece was beautifully done, and her curator’s statement truly showed the thoughtfulness and research that went into the work.

The Winning Projects from Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School:

Erela I. ’22, A Light Surrounded by Persecution

Erela’s “Curator Statement:”

My Family Story display shows my family’s heritage of religious Jews who lived in Iran. In my project I have a black surface with a collage of images of Persian Jews, Arabic writing, and the persecution of Jews in Iran. The collage represents the environment that both of my parents grew up in. One filled with hate and bad opinions towards all Jews. My family was surrounded by this threat of danger all throughout their lives in Iran until they immigrated to the US in 1984 and 1992. In the center of my project is a figure shaped like an open house. This represents my family’s safe haven in a habitat of darkness. Set up inside of the house is a setting of a Shabbat night dinner table with lit candles a family saying Kiddush. These moments in Iran, in this event, represents the light that being Jewish brought to my family.

Maya T. ’22, 1801 West Mosher Street

Maya’s “Curator Statement:”

This representation of my family story depicts the grocery store that my great-grandparents owned when they moved to the U.S after surviving the Holocaust. My grocery store is made in a wooden box. Inside, there are four parts to the store. The fridge, resembling the frigid weather that my great-grandparents had to endure in the DP camps, and the shelves, with bread and crackers, resembling the only food that my great-grandparents were given. Then I made a fruit stand, with six different fruits with significance to six million Jews killed and the differences between each person and his story. Lastly, the tiles on the floor represent the silver dollars used to pay for the groceries at my great-grandparents’ grocery store. These silver dollars are very important to me because my great-grandmother saved those dollars and gives them to me and my brother when we lose teeth. Finally, on the outside of my box, I have created a collage of pictures with me and my great-grandmother because I am so fortunate to be able to know her and her amazing story. One of the lessons I can learn from my great-grandmother is independence. Even at 93, my great-grandmother makes the holiday meals for all of our family. I can also feel connected to her by the silver dollars that she gave me. I keep these silver dollars safe, and plan on giving them to my great-grandchildren, and telling them my great-grandparents’ story, in hopes of instilling their values in future generations, when the time will come.

I can’t wait to see what comes next year!

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Once Upon a Time…04.03.2015

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by

The Baltimore Jewish Times publishes unidentified photographs from the collection of Jewish Museum of Maryland each week. If you can identify anyone in these photos and more information about them, contact Joanna Church at 410.732.6400 x236 or email


1992142008Date run in Baltimore Jewish Times:  April 3, 2015

PastPerfect Accession #:  1992.142.008

Status:  Beth Tfiloh High School class of 1990: The class was fully identified by two classmates. Top row, l to r: Adam Spector, Jason Broth, Abe Finkelstein, Robby Lowenstein, David Mitnick, Josh Karlip, Erik Bleich, Josh Blass, Ezra Lightman, Adam Cohen, Joel Rubenstein. front row l to r: Ruth Rotenberg, Nina Sznajderman, Alicia Katznelson, Batsheva Genut, Dee Dee Macklin, Denise Tanhoff, Liza Hutter, Rhonda Schnitzer, Tanya Bunich, Sharon Fischer, Sherry Ershler.  (originally ID’d, and published in the JT, as 1992, many respondents noted the correct date of 1990.)

Special Thanks To: Linda Crusoe, Helen Mashbaum, Searle Mitnick, Layne Lowenstein, Adam Cohen


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