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The Baltimore Jewish Times publishes unidentified photographs from the collection of Jewish Museum of Maryland each week. If you can identify anyone in these photos and more information about them, contact Deborah Cardin at 410.732.6400 x236 or email info@jewishmuseummd.org


1994205054Date run in Baltimore Jewish Times:  January 3, 2014


PastPerfect Accession #:  1994.205.054


Status:  Identified! Josh Kaplan’s Bar Mitzvah, July 1959.

Front Row (L-R) A. Esther Sabbah (Louis Kaplan’s sister; founded the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, NC) B. Helen Kaplan (Josh’s mom)  C. Ann Marcus (was married to Ben Marcus’ brother, not in the photo)

Back Row (L-R) 1. Josh Kaplan (son of Nathan and Helen) 2. Louis Kaplan (already identified)  3. Etta Kaplan (Louis’ wife) 4. Nathan (Nat) Kaplan (Josh’s dad)  5. Ben Marcus  6. Lillian Marcus  (younger sister of Louis Kaplan)   7.  Judy (?) Kaplan (daughter of Lillian)


Special Thanks To: Ephram Potts and Debbie Potts!



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Kicking off the Electrified Pickle!

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You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a room full of little kids jump off their seats to go inhale from a smoking beaker full of blue liquid—that may have, if my memory serves me well, been described as “carbon dioxide burps.”

Kids and adults alike had a grand time at our opening for The Electrified Pickle! Although the smoking beaker of blue liquid didn’t happen until the end of the event, with the spectacular Extreme Jean show, the whole day was full of new experiences for our visitors.

More than just a pencil...graphite is a great conductor!

More than just a pencil…graphite is a great conductor!

From 11am to 3pm, we had three stations set up for experimental demonstrations that showcased the myriad ways to harness electricity through common household items. Our wonderful volunteers from the world of engineering made pencils into sliding light dimmer switches, potatoes into batteries, and, yes, pickles into glowing sources of light (and smell)!

Look at that pickle glow!

Look at that pickle glow! Many thanks to “In A Pickle” for donating these de-LIGHT-ful dills!

In addition to the demonstrations, we had hands-on stations where visitors could “get stuck in” conductive and insulating play dough and origami flowers and frogs that lit up with the help of LEDs and batteries.

Testing the difference between insulating and conductive play dough.

Testing the difference between insulating and conductive play dough.

Creating light up flower boxes!

Creating light up flower boxes!

GirlsRISEnetLogoBigSome of the funding that helped us put together the activities for the day came from a grant awarded to us by GirlsRise Net—an organization dedicated to encouraging girls to become interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.  There was no way we were passing up the opportunity to combine a day dedicated the power of electricity with Girl Power! Fortunate for us, the Baltimore metropolitan area has a wide network of female scientists and engineers, which we tapped into for volunteers to help explain the science behind the demonstrations. While we didn’t want to exclude boys from the day’s activities, we did want to strike an emphasis on the presence of women in science and engineering fields.

Potatoes as....batteries? Yup!

Potatoes as….batteries? Yup!

Inside the exhibit itself, visitors of all ages delighted in trying out scientific interactives that we had borrowed from one of our partners, the National Electronics Museum.

Checking out the interactives on loan from the National Electronics Museum.

Checking out the interactives on loan from the National Electronics Museum.

They're fun (and fascinating) for everyone!

They’re fun (and fascinating) for everyone!

MECU-Neighborhood_0At 5pm, we transitioned from our daytime activities to our evening Electrified Pickle Community Kick-off Party, generously supported by a MECU Neighborhood grant! We started the evening with the scientific stylings of Extreme Jean. She demonstrated some wacky aspects of science, such as manipulating air streams to enable her to fill out a 5 foot plastic bag with just one breath. And what science show would be complete without having some fun with dry ice?

Fun with dry ice!

Fun with dry ice!

It's a scientific playground with Extreme Jean!

It’s a scientific playground with Extreme Jean!

After the show, representatives from another one of our partners, Mosaic Makers, got us started on our community art project. With a little help from our friends and visitors, we will be making a mosaic that will be used to decorate our newest building at 5 Lloyd St. The mosaic will be out for visitors to add to for the next 5 weeks, as we continue with The Electrified Pickle.

Hard at work on our neighborhood mosaic!

Hard at work on our neighborhood mosaic!

Come check out the exhibit and more exciting workshops and demonstrations this Sunday, with Print This! For more information about the day and about the following three Sundays, check out the “Events” section of our website!

PRINT THIS! on Sunday, July 20th, 11am - 3pm.

abby krolikA blog post by Visitor Services Coordinator Abby Krolik. For more posts by Abby, click HERE.

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Dear Abby 1.3

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Dear Abby gives some solid advice for what to do with the family on Thanksgiving weekend in this installment!


Dear Abby,

Because of “Thanksgivvukah”, the entire family is descending on our house for the holiday this year for a whole five days. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and I’ll be happy to see them on Thursday, and maybe Friday. But by Sunday, there’s no doubt that our house will be a wreck and my husband and I will be certifiably insane! Please tell me that your museum will be open the Sunday after Thanksgiving and that there will be things to interest all ages! My daugher-in-law doesn’t think this is a good idea because she thinks her kids are too young to learn about the Holocaust. I reminded her that this is not the Holocaust Museum, but she insisted that I write to you to ask—just in case. That’s mechotenem for you, right?

Anyway, it’d be great to know that, any time the family comes for a too-long visit, we have a place to which we can reliably turn for entertainment.


B-more Bubby Gone Bonkers


Dear B-more Bubby,

A Bubby gone bonkers can’t make the batches and batches of latkes that are needed for Chanukkah, and we can’t have that! It’s exactly for that reason that the JMM is always open on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s usually a special Family Day Sunday, with activities for kids and adults. This year is no different; we will be having a “Civil War Photography Family Day” in honor of our Civil War exhibit. For the kids, we’ll have hands-on activities that will allow them to learn about photographic processes that don’t involve pixels—including making their own stereoscopes to view 3D images! For the adults, there will be a lecture at 1:00pm by Russ Kelbaugh, an expert on early photography and Jewish photographers during the Civil War. To find more information about these and upcoming programs, you can always check out our events calendar online here: http://jewishmuseummd.org/calendar-event/upcoming/.

Just one of the many child friendly activities in our exhibits!

Just one of the many child friendly activities in our exhibits!

Although we don’t have Family Day every day, we do always have activities for all ages. Each of our exhibits—besides being fascinating in and of themselves—contain stations that provide hands-on engagement for children as well as those who want an immersive experience of the exhibits. From listening in on conversations through the ages in “Attman’s Deli”, to understanding the physical evolution of the Lloyd Street Synagogue through movable wooden blocks, to creating your own care package for a wounded Civil War soldier, there are so many ways for people of all ages to learn together and to partake in the Jewish Museum of Maryland experience!

I hope this is enough information to convince your daughter-in-law that it is always a good idea to bring the family to the Jewish Museum of Maryland, no matter the age or occasion!

Yours Truly,


Have a question of your own for Abby? Click HERE to email her! Make sure to put “Dear Abby” in the subject line! 

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