“No leaven may be seen within all your borders” (Exodus 13:7)

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The Torah throws many challenges our way, phrased as commands. The prohibition of chametz (leavened wheat, oats, rye, barley and spelt) may not be the most difficult to follow, or the most incomprehensible, but Passover is almost upon us, and it is the one we are thinking about right now. So it might be a good time to ask: How are we to really rid ourselves of ALL the chametz within the borders we control (our homes)? To find out more, head over to the Chosen Food blog!

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Chosen Food Goes to the White House!

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Well, almost the White House…actually, it was the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, but that’s close, right? To read more about this amazing event, check out the Chosen Food blog: http:///chosenfood.org/?p=571.

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Cholent, “the right way”?

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In a recent post for the Aish HaTorah blog http:///www.aish.com/sh/t/e/48969646.html, Judy Gruen divides the (Jewish) world into cholent lovers and cholent haters. Heinrich Heine (who converted to Christianity in 1825 but remembered his Jewish roots all his life) described cholent as “ambrosia” and “the food of heaven” in an early ode to culinary Judaism. Put him, perhaps tongue in cheek, in the cholent-lovers category. . . I was on the fence. Head on over to our sister blog at the Chosen Food website to see what Karen has to say!

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