The Hebrew High School at BHU

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A blog post by Archives Intern Leslie McNamara.

As an Archival intern at the JMM, a major project that I am working on this summer is processing a good portion of archival documents from Baltimore Hebrew University (BHU).  In 2009, the University System of Maryland Board of Regents voted unanimously on the merger of BHU with Towson University.  As a result, the JMM acquired BHU’s collection of archival documents.  Due to the massive amounts of documents from BHU, this collection is still a work in progress.  A good portion of the documents that I am processing are from the Hebrew High School Division of BHU.  An interesting aspect of these documents is the formation of the Hebrew High School Division which was led and supported by the Jewish community of Baltimore.

During the initial planning of the Hebrew High School, the Jewish community used other Jewish day schools across the country as models.



In particular, the Jewish community used the Charles E. Smith Day School of Rockville, Maryland as their prime model.

Dr. Leivy Smolar, the president of BHU, recognized the need of aHebrewHigh School.

Also, Dr. Smolar believed that BHU had the facilities to provide for such a massive project.

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From the Archives…

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Shalom, my name is Leslie McNamara, and I am an archival intern at the JMM.  In the second week of my internship, I have already started processing incoming collections which means that I organize and provide a description of archival collections to help aid potential researchers.  I am currently working on a collection that contains a significant amount of material on Beth Shalom Congregation inFrederick,Md.  While processing this collection, I have learned that until the early 1920’s, the members of Beth Shalom did not have a synagogue of their own to fulfill their religious and communal needs until the donation of a building that had previously been an Elks Lodge by Leo Wineberg, a prominent lawyer of Frederick, Md.



Also, I am completing inventory of over-sized archives such as magazines, drawings or paintings, and legal documents.  While doing inventory, I found an anti-semetic illustration from May 11, 1881 entitled “A Hint to the Hebrews” which depicts a floating island of Jewish vacationers staying at the “Hotel du Jerusalem,” just off theshoreofAmericawhich has hotels discriminating against Jews.



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