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This month’s Performance Counts is by Tracie Guy-Decker, Associate Director of Projects, Planning and Finance and Manager of Esther’s Place, the JMM Museum Shop.

The JMM Shop

The JMM Shop

Those of us who have strong affiliations with and affinity for an individual museum—whether as staff, volunteer or visitors—like to believe that our museum is one-of-a-kind. In our minds and hearts, it is a snowflake, truly unique and special. And we’re not wrong. Every museum is unique and special in its own way. It is also—whether intentionally or not—part of an international franchise with a recognized brand.

Museum shops enjoy a similar umbrella brand in many consumers’ minds. As a part of their museum experience, shoppers visit museum stores to take home a part of what they saw and learned. As a stand-alone brand, the Museum Store is known for uncommon and interesting finds. It is a destination for the discerning shopper and especially as we start to approach December, for the gift-giver in search of the perfect item.

One of our sister-franchisees, Strathmore, has been capitalizing on the strength of the Museum Store umbrella brand for more than a quarter century with their annual Museum Shop Around.

The Strathmore Mansion

The Strathmore Mansion

This four-day event brings together loads of special-snowflake shopping experiences under one roof. And though this is their 27th year doing it, they’ve never done it quite like they will in 2016: this year, Esther’s Place: The JMM Shop will have a space!

You can support JMM—and all of the wonderful participating museums—by coming by Strathmore between Thursday, November 10 and Sunday, November 13. There’s a small entry fee to get in (much like a craft show), but that gets you access to 18 different museum stores, all in one trip!

The Strathmore Museum Shop Around was introduced to JMM staff by our colleague Joanna Church, who participated with a previous employer (another sister franchisee). Joanna, Devan and I have had a great time selecting just the right products to take with us. We’ve done our best to select key highlights that will excite, entertain and tempt our customers—whether they are shopping for loved ones or themselves!

This event is a great opportunity for us to find new customers and sales for Esther’s Place. Just as importantly, it helps us to gain exposure and visibility for JMM to a group of people who may or may not know we exist.

Setting up "Esther's Place" at Strathmore Mansion

Setting up “Esther’s Place” at Strathmore Mansion

Our products for sale at Strathmore will include fine Judaica from designers like Michael Aram and Jonathan Adler. We will also feature home goods, children’s gifts, jewelry, books and tchotchkies. In fact, if you come by JMM this weekend, you may notice that Esther’s Place seems to have a little less of a selection than usual—we want to make sure we make you proud in Rockville!

Other Museums who will be represented include the National Archives Foundation, International Spy Museum, Just Imagine!, The Shop at Imagination Station, National Geographic and the White House Historical Association (another first-time attendee). See the full list of participating museum stores here.

Whether you’re interested in doing some Chanukah (or Christmas) shopping or just want to see what’s available, I highly recommend making the drive. Most participating shops offer a discount while they’re at Strathmore (we will be offering 10% off), and there are raffle prizes and other fun add-ons. Look for us on the second floor when you get to the mansion!

A blog post by Associate Director Tracie Guy-Decker. Read more posts from Tracie by clicking HERE.

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Generations 2005-2006: Telling Time: Stories and Storytellers in Honor of Gil Sandler

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Generations 2005-2006: Telling Time: Stories and Storytellers in Honor of Gil Sandler

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner

The Bard of Baltimore: An Interview with Gilbert Sandler

“The Dispersed of Judah”: A Speech on the Jew Bill, 1825 by John S. Tyson, Esq.

The Publisher Departs: The Rabbi as “Black Republican” by Rabbi David Einhorn

Three Bloody Days: Letters from the Bialystock Pogrom, 1906 by Chaim Goldberg

A Smelkinson’s Eye View of the World:Place, Memory, and Stories of an East Baltimore Childhood by Deborah R. Weiner

The Married Bachelor by Ethel Rubinstein Berman

The Great Escape: A True Story of Jewish Intrigue in Baltimore, circa 1930 by Gedaliah Cohen

Israel Bonds, Kosher Chickens, and the FBI by Harry Diamond

Photo Gallery: Every Picture Tells a Story by Jobi Zink

Dad’s Store, 1920-1968 by Hilda Perl Goodwin

Starting Out by Irene Siegel

Marching for Soviet Jewry by Shoshana S. Cardin

Divided Lives: A Generation of Baltimore Jewish Women Tell Their Tales by Pamela S. Nadell

Hand-Made Haggadot: The Zaben Family Haggadah

Chronology: Telling Time: A Century of Maryland Historical Writing

Field Notes: Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust by Louis D. Levine

Review: Gil Sandler: An Appreciation by Michael Olesker

Cost: $10

To order a print copy of Generations 2007-2008, please contact Esther’s Place, the JMM Museum Shop at 443-873-5179 or email Devan Southerland, Museum Shop Assistant at

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Generations 2009-2010: 50th Anniversary Double Issue: The Search for Social Justice

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Generations 2009-2010: 50th Anniversary Double Issue: The Search for Social Justice

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner

“Remember that You Were a Slave”: Rabbis and Slavery on the Eve of the Civil War by Avi Y. Decter

“Poor Man’s Boarding School”: The Hebrew Orphan Asylum under Tabbi Samuel Freudenthal, 1886-1910 by Anita Kassof

“The Great Influence of the Mothers in Israel”: Baltimore’s Jewish Community Confronts the Woman Question by Caroline Young Friedman

A “Children’s Playground” and “Centre for Adults”: The Story of the Jewish Educational Alliance, 1909-1952 by Jennifer Vess

Two Lives in Labor: Jacob Edelman and Sarah Barron edited by Avi Y. Decter

Enduring Idealism: Baltimore Jews in the Communist Party by Leonard M. Helfgott

Social Justice through Medical Ethics: Dr. Jacob Morgenstern’s Legacy at Crownsville State Hospital by Suzanne Richmond

My Father’s Crownsville by Doris Morgenstern Wachsler

Demonstrators: Reform Rabbis Confront Segregation by Gilbert Sandler

Everyday Heroes:  A Baltimore Couple Recalls the Civil Rights Movement by Deborah Rudacille

CHAI: Making a Stand in Upper Park Heights by Simone Ellin

Keepers of the Earth: The Jewish Environmental Movement Comes of Age by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

Book Review: Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City reviewed by W. Edward Orser

Field Notes: National Museum of American Jewish History: Core Exhibit by Josh Perelman and Ivy Weingram

Chronology: Ten in the Twentieth: Baltimore Jews and Social Justice by Deborah R. Weiner

Cost: $10

To order a print copy of Generations 2009-2010, please contact Esther’s Place, the JMM Museum Shop at

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