Welcome Winterns 2012!

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Welcome Winterns (and New Staff!)

This week we welcomed a wealth of new faces to the Museum! (How do you like that alliteration, huh?) That’s right, it’s WINTERN SEASON! Winterns are those lucky interns who participate in our shorter-than-summer but no less intense winter internship program. And, as a bonus, we also have a brand new staff member who got to tag along with our winterns for a full blown orientation.

Jobi explicates the phone, back door, and package policies.

Orientation saw our newbies getting the full run down on museum procedures, training in handling collections items, a workshop on museum photography (with accompanying photo scavenger hunt), and, of course, a top-to-bottom tour of the museum. Now that they’ve “met the museum,” we thought we’d let you meet them!


Hi! My name is Ginevra Shay. I’m a junior at the University of Vermont studying Studio Art and Art History. I’m currently taking a leave of absence to live and work in Baltimoreas an artist. I’m setting up a community darkroom at the Current Gallery on North Howard St.and co-curating a photography exhibition there to open March 2nd. I’ve always wanted to work in a museum’s photo special collection so my internship at the JMM is really a dream come true!

Meeting one of our fabulous museum volunteers

Hi! My name is Kierra Foley and I’m currently a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Near Eastern Studies with a minor in Jewish Studies. I hope to pursue a PhD in Egyptology with a focus on Dynasty XVIII and the development of monotheism. I love painting, rock climbing, and have a very serious penchant for all things purple.

P.S. I’m the winter term Collections intern, a fact by which I’m very excited! (Don’t blame Kierra for the picture, she was so focused on Jobi’s workshop she didn’t even know it was being taken!)

Touring the education department, affectionately known as The West Wing.

Hi, my name is Mia White and I’m the winter program and education intern. I just moved back toBaltimoreand am very excited to be getting involved in the JMM, as well as the Baltimore Community. Can’t wait to meet everyone at our upcoming programs!


Practicing proper object handling.

And our new staff member:

Hi, my name is Rachel Cylus, and I am excited to begin work as the Program Manager of the JMM. I am a native of Owings Mills, Maryland, and after spending the last four years working at Jewish historic sites in Boston and Germany, I am happy to be back in Maryland learning about and working with Maryland Jewish history.

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A Small Town Intern adjusts to the Big City

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This post finds me, Mary Barthelme, in the third week of my internship at the Jewish Museum of Maryland. I am an archives intern working on the Baltimore Hebrew University archive material.  This post, however, will go into detail of my hectic and slightly overwhelming first week at the JMM and my transition, still in process, of learning to live in a city.

With my trusty, and well used, GPS I made it on time to the JMM for day one of Orientation on June 1st. After going through the basic introductions from director Avi Decter, staff and other interns we proceeded to workshops and tutorials.  As interns, we learned how to handle collections objects correctly from Jobi Zink, Senior Collections Manager, and about the general layout of the museum.  I’ll summarize the day by stressing that it was both confusing and exciting looking ahead to the coming 10 weeks of the internship.

Intern Wrangler Jobi Zink discusses proper handling of objects.

Day 2 of Orientation, June 2nd, started at 10am again and once again all 8 interns were introduced to more of the fascinating life of a museum employee including learning about the computer system past perfect from Jobi and how to use our cameras properly to take good pictures from Elena Rosemond-Hoerr. Below is one of the pictures I took for the competition among interns to take the best picture.

Picture of Roses outside the front of the Museum for Intern Photo Scavenger Hunt

As indicated by my blog title, I am a small town girl living in a big American city for the first time. I won’t lie; I was extremely scared as I arrived in Baltimore and the Museum. In these first few weeks, however, I have received such wonderful help and outpouring of kindness from both the staff and people of Baltimore. I believe that I am finally adjusting to my new surroundings!  I am excited to see what the next 8 weeks bring with both my work in the BHU archives at the Museum and also learning to successfully live in a part of America that has more than 10,000 people and A LOT more cows.


A blog post by intern Mary Barthelme.

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