How Did You Break Passover?

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Goodbye Matzah!!

Pizza? Bagels? Beer? 

Come over and discuss with us at the Chosen Food website! 

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Photo Post: Passover!

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Just a few selections from our photograph collection in honor of the Passover Holiday!

Capt. Hersh Livazer, Brooklyn, NY, Jewish Chaplain for the Oise Section Com Z, France, conducts Passover services for more than 3000 Jewish soldiers and French civilians in a synagogue in Reims, France. Also in the picture are Cpl. Jacob Salzman, Brooklyn, NY, Cpl. Mike Kahn, Elmira, NY, Cpl. Irwin J. Lang, Rockaway Beach, NY, Chaplain Livazer, WAC SGT. Janice Rosenblum, Farrell, PA, and S/Sgt. Abraham H. Fine, Baltimore, MD. 1985.90.26.


The Berngartt's at home at a Seder table, including Maurice and Sadie Samler Berngartt, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Berngartt, Kate Plotnick, Alvin, on lap, and Aaron Plotnick, Ida Berngartt (blocked by her husband) and Dr. Bernard M. Berngartt, c. 1919. 1987.19.7.


Hamburger family Seder, c. 1948. Left to Right around the table: Mrs. Grobani, Sidney Goldstein (partially hidden), Paula Hamburger, Adolf L. Hamburger, John Greenspun (partially hidden), Ruth Finescriber, Mark Goldstein. 1987.174.8.1.

Rabbi Adolf Coblenz seated with three children at a table during a Passover seder at theChizukAmunoCongregationSchool, 1947. 1991.7.1.

Rose Cohen, Fannie Katz, and Marlene (Katz) Sollod salting fish for Passover, 1948-50. 1992.95.1.

Women's Branch of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations preparing Passover meal for servicemen as part of Passover Project; women are preparing chicken soup, packaging matzoh balls, displaying fruits of labor. 1993.159.42

Beth Israel Congregation: Beryl Gottesman at Seder with book in hand, 1962. 1994.53.85.1

Passover youth seder, April 1973. Eli Schmell is on the left with the beard. Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore Collection, 1996.63.50.

Passover "model seder" for children, held at Congregation of Israel inPocomokeCity, c. 1950. 2000.93.4

Esther and Leo Flehinger and an unidentified couple packing up Jewish Welfare Board boxes for Passover, ca. 1940s. Photograph taken by Jerome Studios. 2001.40.43.

Reenactment of the Passover story performed by students at Chizuk Amuno Nursery School, n.d. The scene being performed is that of Miriam watching baby Moses. 2002.111.166.

Passover in Takoma Park, (left to right) Esther Marsiglia, John Marsiglia, Louis Cohan (Esther's father), Jennie Cohan, Gertrude Friedman (Esther's aunt), 1969. 2009.014.002.

New Americans (Russian Jews) during a Seder at the Fellowship Farm on March 15, 1991. Baltimore Hebrew University Collection, 2009.40.3892.

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“No leaven may be seen within all your borders” (Exodus 13:7)

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The Torah throws many challenges our way, phrased as commands. The prohibition of chametz (leavened wheat, oats, rye, barley and spelt) may not be the most difficult to follow, or the most incomprehensible, but Passover is almost upon us, and it is the one we are thinking about right now. So it might be a good time to ask: How are we to really rid ourselves of ALL the chametz within the borders we control (our homes)? To find out more, head over to the Chosen Food blog!

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