Happy Purim Everyone!

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In costume for a Purim Ball, n.d. Abraham H. Fine is identified as the third from the right in the front row. Gift of Miriam Fine, 1985.17.1.

Karel Cohen as Queen Esther in a Purim play at Isaac Davidson School, c. 1959. Gift of Dr. Chaim Y. Botwinick, 1992.108.42.

Celebrating Purim in costume are "Molly", "Ceil", "Salsbaum", "Evelyn" (Markowitz), and "Me", probably Gertrude Greenberg. Gift of Mrs. Gertrude Greenberg and Mrs. Evelyn Markowitz, 1993.29.15.

A set of beautiful princesses all decked out for Purim. Gift of Barry and Sandee Lever, 2002.111.120.

Flea market table at the 1987 Purim Carnival. Pictured are Shelby Gilden, JCC Chairman, and Ms. Hirsh. Gift of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, 2006.13.307.

Making hamentashen for Purim, 1980. Pictured are "Adena Ruben, Alan Zakar, Arnold Dashoff, Ferne Walpert, Sharoni Turkel". Photo by Sussman Photography. Gift of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, 2006.13.1065.

*this post is backdated due to technical issues. But aren’t these photos great? Just a few selections from our collections. I wasn’t going to let a little electronic difficulty keep you from enjoying them!

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Purim Pandemonium 2011

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The party just keeps getting better!

Purim Pandemonium 2011 (this past Saturday) hit a new high this year with over 160 attendees (closer to 170 when you count in the staff, and since we had as much fun as anyone, I say we count.)

The lead up to Purim Pandemonium took a lot out of us.  With a theme like “Heroes & Villains” it’s impossible to do anything in a subtle way.  We went big with the décor, filling our event space with scenic flats depicting the places where heroes and villains could do their best….or their worst.

That’s me, painting sets a couple of weeks before the event.

But the work was worth it.  The JMM was transformed.

A few hours before the event — the decorations are mostly in place.

The decorations looked great on their own (I might be a little biased on that account, but some unbiased observers agreed, so I’m sticking to ‘looked great.’) but they looked better when the heroes and villains actually arrived.

Jobi shivering in front of the amazingly realistic frozen tundra!

We started with a few guests here and there, but before too long the few became a crowd.

Every kind of hero and villain showed up:

a couple of Batmans to take care of the abundance of villains. Photo by Will Kirk

A visitor from a galaxy far, far away. Photo by Will Kirk

And less obvious characters. Notice the football jerseys on the women in the middle of the crowd — which one’s your hero and which one’s your villain? Photo by Will Kirk 


The JMM hosted cowboys and devils, Quailman and numerous masked robbers, Ms. Frizzle and “Innocent Bystanders,” not to mention Daria and Abby Sciuto.

Me as Abby Sciuto

If the endless dancing was any indication everyone had a good time.  At one point the crowd even broke into a coordinated dance routine….well mostly coordinated….

Spontaneous (somewhat) dance routine. Photo by Will Kirk

Everyone also had the opportunity to see our current art exhibition “Loring Cornish: In Each Other’s Shoes.” Photo by Will Kirk

We took the groans of despair when we turned off the music at the end of the night as another indication that everyone had a good time.

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Once Upon a Time…

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The Baltimore Jewish Times publishes unidentified photographs from the collection of Jewish Museum of Maryland each week. If you can identify anyone in these photos and more information about them, contact Jobi Zink, Senior Collections Manager and Registrar at 410.732.6400 x226 or jzink@jewishmuseummd.org

Date run in Baltimore Jewish Times: 12/24/10 PastPerfect Accession #: 2009.040.5198

Status: Identified! Cast of a play posing with a Haman mask, c. 1948-1949 Clockwise: Helen Sherman (Hyman), Paul Bergan, Rikki Spector, Tmimah Sibel, Charles Venick, Ronald Krome, Janet Levitan (Feinberg)

Special thanks to: Nelson & Helen Hyman, Carole Sibel, Janet Feinberg, Judy Chernak, Alvin Bard

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