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This month’s Spotlight on Collections falls on hats. The JMM has an extensive hat collection that includes: men’s hats, women’s hats, religious hats, kippa, ceremonial hats, military hats, political hats – fancy, practical, unique, and mass produced. You name it, we’ve got it. Some of the hats are in our collection because of the people who wore them and the part the hats played in the story of their lives, some of the hats are in our collection because they were produced by or for Jewish companies in Maryland. This is only a small slice of our collection. Enjoy.

Hat worn by Celia Josephson Naiman, c. 1940s/1950s. Courtesy of Lillian Naiman. 1985.131.6a

This hat belonged to Samuel Sakols and was purchased at Katz, a leading Baltimore clothier for men. The hat and the fancy clothes that go with it (also part of the JMM collection) were worn to High Holidays and Sabbath at Eden Street Shule, where Samuel was president. Courtesy of Blanche Sakols Schimmel. 1987.39.4

c. 1930’s Brown felt cloche-style hat. Courtesy of Sophie Dopkin. 1987.124.4

1950s velour hat with veil with label that reads ?Schoen-Russell, Inc. Baltimore.? Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Gerson Eisenberg. 1987.126.15.

Man’s tan straw fedora-style hat made from Milan Straw, woven in Italy, sewn and shaped and trimmed at the M.S. Levy factory in Baltimore, c. 1940, retail price $12.50; hat name is “Telescope.” Courtesy of Lester S. Levy. 1988.83.1a.

White Styrofoam boater-style hat used by the donor as a delegate at the UAHC convention in Baltimore, 1991. Courtesy of E.B. and Allan T. Hirsch, Jr. 1992.190.1.

Army cap worn by Morris Lieberman. Courtesy of Joan B. Woldman. 1995.26.2.

Rabbinical hat. Courtesy of Efrem M. Potts. 1995.192.6.

Ceremonial hat with the lettering JAHAZA 169 A.M.O.S., with emblem and logo, “We Never Sleep” n.d. Courtesy of Jerry and Harriet Schunick. 1997.122.1.

Hat from World War II WAC uniform. Courtesy of Shirley Rosenberg. 2008.20.1c.

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