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New Lesson Plan Available on the JMM’s Website!

Posted on May 2nd, 2019 by

A blog post by Museum Educator (and former JMM intern) Marisa Shultz! To read more posts from Marisa, click here.

New Lesson Plan Available on the JMM’s Website!

I have exciting news to share with you! Now available on our website are the teaching materials and lesson plan for the “What Americans Knew About Kristallnacht” lesson debuted at the 2019 Winter Teachers Institute.

This picture depicts teachers collaborating on an activity at our 2019 Winter Teachers Institute. Our Winter and Summer Teachers Institutes provide educators with the tools to help their students understand the Holocaust.

This lesson plan, designed for high school students, charges students to become historians, analyzing primary sources with the goal of answering: How did contemporaneous American newspapers cover Kristallnacht and ultimately, what did Americans know about Kristallnacht? Included on our website is a detailed lesson plan with a variety of activities that challenge students to use their prior knowledge, critical thinking, and investigative skills while providing them the support to help them succeed. Additionally, the lesson plan includes variations on the activities so that teachers can adapt this lesson to meet their students’ needs. The lesson plan ultimately provides a concluding activity which encourages students to synthesize multiple sources with the goal of understanding what Americans knew about Kristallnacht.

Also included on our website is the corresponding student packet. This packet helps students learn how to approach a primary source by scaffolding their reading with guided questions. The questions progress from the factual, such as “Where was the article published?” through the more difficult questions such as “What is the author’s attitude toward the subject?” Students will feel more confident interpreting primary sources after working with this scaffolding!

Finally, we have also included on our website a packet of twelve different primary sources from both local Maryland sources and larger national newspapers. Each primary source, from The New York Times to the Baltimore Afro-American reported on Kristallnacht in a variety of ways, and students will have the opportunity to examine the differences between them.

This picture depicts headlines from many of the articles included in the primary source packet including “Nazi Reprisals Believed Doom of Jewish Life” from The Baltimore Sun, “Observer Describes Wrecking of Jewish Shops in Berlin: Outbreak Declared Worst Anti-Semitic Demonstration Ever Seen in Reich” from The Evening Star and “No Regret Voiced: Goebbels Declares that the Nation Followed Its ‘Healthy Instincts’” from The New York Times. With this lesson plan, students will have the opportunity to analyze these articles and more to try and answer the question: what did Americans know about Kristallnacht?

Not a teacher but interested in how Life Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, and The Baltimore Jewish Times reported on Kristallnacht? Check out that primary source packet for excerpts from a variety of newspapers on the Eastern seaboard.

You can access all of these materials here listed under Maryland Jewish Life History Kits. While you are visiting the Education section of our website, please make sure to check out our educational programs for field trip ideas, our living history characters for classroom activities, and our upcoming teacher’s workshop, Summer Teachers Institute 2019: Women in the Holocaust!

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Once Upon a Time/Snapshots…06.15.2012

Posted on January 29th, 2013 by

The Baltimore Jewish Times publishes unidentified photographs from the collection of Jewish Museum of Maryland each week. If you can identify anyone in these photos and more information about them, contactJobi Zink, Senior Collections Manager and Registrar at 410.732.6400 x226 or

Date run in Baltimore Jewish Times:  June 15, 2012

PastPerfect Accession #:  2006.013.2421

Status: Swimming Lessons at the JCC. Partially Identified! Left to Right:  1. Unidentified 2. Unidentified 3.  Unidentified 4. Lorraine Bard 5. Unidentified 6. Unidentified 7. Unidentified 8. Unidentified

 Special Thanks To: Charlene Ashley

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Spotlight on Collections

Posted on November 29th, 2012 by

As November 2012 comes to a close we thought it would be fun to look back and see what was going in Novembers past.

Greenfelder family portrait in an automobile “the Premier Car” at Park Entrance of Druid Hill Park, November 8, 1905. R-L: Jeannette Greensfelder, Lewis Greensfelder and Ruth Greensfelder (Frank) in black hat, Elmer Greensfelder in rabbit -ear hat. Woman in white hat is unidentified. Courtesy of Mrs. Susan S. Merrill. 2010.60.11.

Portrait photograph of Leona Adler, November 24, 1910. Courtesy of Julius Mandel. 1990.209.90c.

Hilda (Lapides) Rudy and Sheldon Rudy (infant), November 1, 1936. Taken in front of Rudie’s Pharmacy, 3100 Block of West North Avenue. Courtesy of Bessie Franklin. 1989.78.7.

Gela Baser and Fred Perchal at their wedding with guests in Brussels, Belgium, November 28, 1945. Courtesy of Rabbi Manuel Poliakoff. 1996.113.7.

Irving Cohn and family in Atlantic City, NJ, November 1946. Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Myron M. Oppenheimer. 2003.86.9.

Hymen Saye teaching ?Introduction to Hebrew? at the College of Jewish Studies, November 1947. Rhoda (Goldstein) Wilkis is in the front row, third from left, and Doris (Pollack) Schnider is fourth from left, wearing a dark dress, looking at the teacher. Courtesy of Hymen Saye. 1991.7.30.

Housing Authority of Baltimore event on November 1, 1951. From the estate of Jacob Fisher. 1972.36.1.22.

Photograph of Gov. Theodore R. McKeldin signing a proclamation designating the week as American Jewish Congress Week, November 1956. Pictured from left to right are: Meyer Cardin, Gertrude Benesh, Irvin Kovens, Maurice Cardin, Judge Daniel Friedman, Isaac Taylor, Gov. Theodore R. McKeldin, Otto D. Weill, Senator Philip H. Goodman, Florence Rogers, and Samuel Steinbach. Courtesy of Jack L. Levin. 1984.3.43.

The 50th Anniversary of the United Synagogues of America Convention at the Concord, November 17, 1963. J. Benjamin Katzner is standing at left. Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary, is seated immediately to the right of the podium. 1985.156.12.

Dedication ceremony of the restored Lloyd Street Synagogue, November 8, 1964. Courtesy of Janet Fishbein (daughter of Susan Levy Bodenheimer), Ellen Patz, Ruth Gottesman & Vera Mendelsohn Mitnick. 2002.79.931.

Guests listening to the program at a Jewish National Fund event, November 5, 1967. 1985.156.24.

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