The JMM visits the Washington Mystics

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Today Community Outreach Coordinator Rachael Binning and Education and Program Coordinator Elena Rosemond-Hoerr are in Washington DC, enjoying the sweet basketball stylings of the Washington Mystics and getting the word out about the Museum! In their honor I thought we’d showcase some of the Museum’s own collection of basketball stuff!

Black and white photograph mounted on cardboard of the Calvert Club boys basketball team, ball says "120 lb Champions of State", 1916-1917. Back row, left to right: Irving Robinson, Joe Bernstein, Dave Berman, Raymond Jacobs. Front row, left to right: Seaggie Becker, Dutchy Weisberg, Manny Hoffman, Manny Dregant, Solly Nathanson. 1985.116.1

Harry S. Cohen Memorial Basketball Trophy Awarded by The Superior Club Pioneer Club JEA, 1938. 1991.90.1

Talmudical Academy basketball team, 1951-1952. 1992.231.6b

Allied Club, Baltimore Basket Ball League Champions, 1923-1924. Avram "Pat" Rifman, Hyman "Lefty" Stern, Manny Hoffman, Manny Goldfarb, and Ike Ranbaum stand in back row. Lee Dopkin, Advisor, Ben Abramson, Node Klein, Jimmy Ginsburg, and Phil Jacobs (coach) sit in chairs in the middle row. Pete Hoffman and Sam Beyer sit on the floor in the front row with a basketball between them. 1992.231.53

Baltimore Basket Ball League Champions, 1940-1941. Front row: Hoffman, Friedman, Gurwitz, Austerlitz, Waitsman. Players all wear matching uniforms except for Friedman. Gurwitz holds basketball with large white letters reading "Champs 40-41" on it. Back row: Levy, Bisgyer, Glushakow, Melnicoff, Stoopak, BAER, Ginsberg, Coach REAMER. Levy is dressed casually, Bisgyer wears a suit. Glushakow, Melnicoff, and Stoopak, all wear the team uniform. BAER and Gisnburg wear suits. Coach REAMER stands far right in a casual, button up shirt. 1992.231.97

Basketball Score Book, 1930-1933. 1992.231.340

Bais Yaakov Camp, n.d. 2000.57.35



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