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STRANGE CUSTOMS: The Flurry Family Odyssey

In addition to fabulous exhibitions, exciting programs and all the day-to-day craziness that is just a part of museum life, the JMM is host to another, very special group: TeamLiechtensteinof Fluid Movement 2009!

Shannon and Jobi address the troops.Team Liechtenstein, fearlessly led by Senior Collections Manager Jobi Zink and “Shining” Shannon Twenter, has been using the JMM lobby (after hours, of course) to gear up for this summer’s Annual Water Ballet, STRANGE CUSTOMS: The Flurry Family Odyssey.

The Drinkers show off their dancing prowess.

These Olympic Hopefuls are going for the skiing gold!


The Milkmaids aredubious about the goat.

The Wonderful World of Liechtenstein
Fun Liechtensteinian Facts!

  • Liechtenstein is the 6th smalled nation, based on area (62 square miles)

[to give you a sense of scale, Baltimore city is 92 square miles]

  • Measured north to south, Liechtenstein is about 15 miles long
  • Per capita, Liechtenstein leads the world in Olympic medals; it is bidding for 2018 Olympics
  • All 9 Olympic medals won by Liechtenstein have been in Alpine skiing
  • Liechtenstein has no airport; it does have a heliport
  • The train from Zurich to Liechtenstein doesn’t actually stop in Liechtenstein (it stops on either side of its borders)
  • Liechtenstein‘s best known commodity is the postage stamp; it s is the country’s single greatest source of revenue [so few people live there that philatelists would pay large sums of money for stamps from the country.] They have a Postmuseum.
  • Typical food might be hirschwurst (venison sausage) and horseradish cream; bergsteigerssen is another dish consisting of pasta, sausage, speck, cheese & zucchini
  • The literacy rate in Liechtenstein is 100%
  • Liechtenstein might claim the most cowbells in any country (almost all cows have a bell)
  • Liechtenstein leads the world in dental ceramics
  • A typical drink is a stamperin of schnapps; and lager
  • Falconing is a big sport
  • The Prince of Liechtenstein is the worlds 6th wealthiest leader
  • The U.S. Does not have an embassy in Liechtenstein; it is Switzerland’s job to keep good relations between Switzerland, the U.S. and Liechtenstein

Come See Team Liechtenstein wow the crowd at:

Riverside Park Pool in Federal Hill (1800 Covington Street)

Saturday and Sunday July 25 and 26, 2009 at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm


Patterson Park Pool (South Linwood Avenue near Eastern Avenue)*

Sunday August 2, 2009 at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm

* Fluid Movement’s 10th Anniversary Benefit Gala Pool Party and Show is Saturday August 1, 2009 at 5:30 pm at the Patterson Park Pool. Tickets are $30.00, children 10 yrs. and under are $10.00 (these prices are for the benefit gala pool party/show only).

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