Announcing the Beyond Chicken Soup Website!

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The JMM’s latest original exhibition, Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in America, is almost complete! We look forward to the opening in just two short weeks. Meanwhile, you can preview the exhibit by taking a tour of the Beyond Chicken Soup website. The website lists the basics – you know, hours, upcoming events, resources for teachers, but also a whole lot more.

The Homepage

The Homepage

If you check out the lower part of the homepage you’ll see “Join the conversation by using #ChickenSoupSelfie.” Here we’ll be curating images and thoughts shared with us by YOU! So after you visit the exhibit be sure to tweet, Instagram, tumble, and post with the hashtag #ChickenSoupSelfie and we’ll be sure to share it on the website’s front page.

Don't forget to share!

Don’t forget to share!

The Beyond Chicken Soup exhibit is full, with more than 400 images, documents and objects from the JMM collection and 85 other private and public lenders. Even with all this material, there are more stories to tell, people to recognize, tangents to take. Our website not only tells you more about what is included in the exhibit, it explores ideas, events, and people we didn’t have room for. You can find these “extra” materials in the aptly named “Explore” section!



The exhibition is set up as a series of environments, each exploring a different kind of medical interaction. There’s the Doctor’s Office, the Hospital, and the Pharmacy—all spaces you might expect. We also explore the experiences of students learning the medical professions in the University, the history of healthy lifestyles in the Gymnasium, and the relationship between heredity and identity in the Laboratory. Finally, we consider the changing face of medicine as a concluding section.

The gymnasium explores fitness through exercise, nutrition, and public perception.

The gymnasium explores fitness through exercise, nutrition, and public perception.

The “Explore” section mirrors these spaces with the addition of a catalog section, which highlights excerpts from the in-depth essays written by our chosen scholars; and the miscellaneous section – which includes all kinds of information, material, and resources that just don’t quite fit into any other spot.

Miscellaneous includes our "Women in Medical Science" series and our "Changing Face of Medicine" gallery.

Miscellaneous includes our “Women in Medical Science” series and our “Changing Face of Medicine” gallery.

We’ll be adding new content throughout the year – and we’re taking suggestions! You can propose a story or post by emailing Rachel Kassman at

Head on over and check out now!



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It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Spring Sprucing!

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And we’ve been taking that to heart around here!

Recently we:

Installed a door between our lobby and our education & programming offices...

Installed a door between our lobby and our education & programming offices…

...and put in a Baby Changing Station in our bathroom!

…and put in a Baby Changing Station in our bathroom!

ChangingMediaLogo_4But the sprucing hasn’t been just to the bricks-and-mortar museum! We need to make a special shout-out to Hasdai Westbrook of Changing Media for doing some behind the scenes web work for us, and making this blog the best it can be! Check out the now functional twitter feed over to the right of the screen – it’s just one of the improvements he handled for us!


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A New Look!

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A post by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr, Education and Program Coordinator.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, today we have a very special announcement.  After a very long process, much head and heartache, and many rounds of edits and revisions, the JMM web presence has a brand new look!

Starting this summer, the JMM began working with Red Thinking, a talented group of web designers and Skeevis Art, a web development company.  As anyone who has ever worked on a large design project can attest, the process is grueling.  The JMM staff is diverse and opinionated and it took a lot of intensive discussion to find a design that worked visually and functionally for everyone.  I am happy to say, however, that we were finally successful.  And in the middle of the night on Monday the new website (and the new blog) went public.

Drumroll, PLEASE….

The main visual feature of the new site are the large circles parading across the top.  We loved these because they’re fun, colorful, inviting, and (we think) appealing to all audiences.  Plus, as soon as we saw the very first mockup we instantly wanted to play with the site!  That, my friends, is the sign of a great design.

Homepage, bottom

One of the things we wanted most out of this redesign was a place where everyone’s interests and pet projects could be celebrated on the front page.  As you readers may know, starting in September all JMM staff were required to blog monthly.  Each staff member, from Dr. Barry Lever to Ilene Dackman-Alon has different goals and a different mission at the JMM.  Their blog posts represent their interests and all their hardwork.  This little space on the front page highlights the most recent blog post (and the next upcoming event) allows the diverse interests of the staff.

Sidebar for the Visiting Section

Another thing we were really hoping to do was better utilize the sidebar that shows up on each page of the website.  Instead of getting rid of it, we customized each section to show a different thing, something specific to the section.  For instance, in the Visiting section we will be highlighting a different neighboring museum (like the Carroll Mansion, shown above).  In the Events section we have a poll asking visitors what types of programming they’re interested in.  In Collections & Research we have the top items that we are currently searching for.  Get the picture?

The point is, we’re pleased.  So pleased.  Red Thinking & Skeevis Art did a wonderful job, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with for our next website- the Chosen Food site!

See the website at http:///

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