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Welcome to The Jewish Museum of Maryland, America’s leading museum of regional Jewish history, culture and community, located in downtown Baltimore, blocks from the Inner Harbor. Here at the JMM, visitors can uncover the roots of Jewish history in our landmark historic sites – the Lloyd Street Synagogue, built in 1845, now the nation’s third oldest surviving synagogue and B’nai Israel Synagogue, built in 1876 and still home to a vibrant congregation. Our Museum Campus includes three exhibition galleries featuring fascinating and diverse exhibitions that explore in depth, the Jewish American experience. The Museum offers a wide range of programs and special events for children, adults, and families as well as a research library and family history center.  We invite students of all ages to experience the rich vitality of Jewish culture and heritage on and off-site through our education programs.


Due to a private event the last synagogue tour on Sunday, June 26th will be at 2pm.

The Museum will be closed Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.


Register now for our Holocaust Memory Reconstruction Project workshops

With Artist Lori Shocket, Sunday, June 19 – Monday, June 27

Museums for All Logo-with tagline_RGBJMM is proud to announce its participation in Museums For All! Check out our “Visiting” page for more details.

Upcoming Events:

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A Glimpse into the World of a Sofer (Torah scribe)

sofer imageSunday, June 26th, 1:00pm

Speaker Rabbi Englander

Included with Museum Admission

Join us for this exciting program in connection with The All American Synagogue that is part lecture, part workshop.  Learn the basic steps of creating a Torah scroll, including how the letters are written and the rules governing the making of a Torah. Plus enjoy a hands on inspection of a Torah, mezuzzah and Tefillin. Finally, put into practice all you have learned by attempting to write in “Torah font” with a calligraphy pen.

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On the Blog:

An Invitation For Holocaust Survivors, Descendants and Their Families

Another sample collage

The Jewish Museum of Maryland is about to embark on an exciting new project designed to honor our community’s Holocaust survivors. As part of the Holocaust Memory Reconstruction Project, we are inviting artist Lori Schocket to spend the next two weeks with us as she facilitates a series of workshops for Holocaust survivors, descendants and their families. (Visit www.thehumanelementproject.com to learn more about similar projects that Lori has facilitated in other communities.).....continue reading.


Beyond Chicken Soup:Medical Inventions – Morris Tischler’s Solid State Pacemaker

2013007001The history of the cardiac pacemaker is a long one, with many individuals over the centuries contributing to our understanding of – and regulation of – electrical impulses and the human heart. In Beyond Chicken Soup, we highlight two Baltimore physicians, Morton Mower and Michel Mirowsky, who invented the implantable defibrillator. However, they were not the only Marylanders to aid in the development of heart regulation devices; Morris Tischler (1922-2012), a Baltimore science teacher, invented a solid state or transistorized pacemaker....continue reading.