The Perfect Purim Gift for Someone Special!

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The perfect gift!

The perfect gift!

What better way to deliver your shalach manot than in our A-Mazing Mendes Mug? Only $10.99 at the Museum gift shop and perfect for filling with candy, hot cocoa mix, homemade treats or anything else you can think of! The gift shop is open 10am – 5pm Sunday through Thursday, so stop in and pick up a mug (or 2) for a special someone – or even yourself.

Shop Manager Esther Weiner will be thrilled to sell you a mug - she can even gift wrap it for you!

Shop Manager Esther Weiner will be thrilled to sell you a mug – she can even gift wrap it for you!

Abby laughing

Look how perfect this mug is for enjoying this long winter!

Joanna mug

Help keep your friends and family warm in the snow – with a steaming mug of tea, coffee or cocoa in this signature mug!

Programs Associate Carolyn Bevans

Anyone can use this mug – try it as a hand warmer in the office!

Rachel with Mug

And sometimes you just want to get a little silly. Thanks to all my “mug models” for helping showcase our A-Mazing Mug!


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How Jews Entered American Politics: The Curious Case of Maryland’s “Jew Bill”

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Despite the wintry weather, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Rafael Medoff, the founding director of The David Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, to speak at the JMM this past Sunday. His talk focused on Maryland’s Jew Bill and explored how American Jews came to achieve full political equality in the United States. As Dr. Medoff explained, before there was a finalized federal constitution, the original 13 colonies had to have their own system of governance, which established the connection between one’s religious faith and the right to hold public office come. As each state enacted it’s constitution in 1776, each had to consider and articulate the qualification to hold public office. Many states, including Maryland, required an affirmation of one’s Christian faith in order to hold public office and enjoy other civic opportunities. The purpose, however, was not to exclude Jews, rather to affirm the Christian spirit of the new country but, consequently, it had the effect of excluding people. Critical turning point came after the Federal Constitution and northwest ordinance were enacted in 1787, which allowed the principle of full equality without Christian affirmation to be enshrined. However, the road to remedying the conflicting federal and state previsions was lengthy and complex and had a lasting impact on both local and global politics. It is this complex journey of the Jew Bill that sits at the heart of Dr. Medoff’s talk.

We are happy to invite you to listen and enjoy and even share this talk with friends and family!


We hope you will join us for our next talk on Sunday, March 29th at 1pm, where we’ll welcome Dr. Betsy Bryan of Johns Hopkins University. She will be speaking on 19th century Egyptology and the collection of Mendes Cohen!

See you there!

See you there!

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Once Upon a Time…06.20.2014

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The Baltimore Jewish Times publishes unidentified photographs from the collection of Jewish Museum of Maryland each week. If you can identify anyone in these photos and more information about them, contact Joanna Church at 410.732.6400 x236 or email


2002107059Date run in Baltimore Jewish Times:  June 20, 2014


PastPerfect Accession #:  2002.107.059


Status:  Unidentified! Do you know anyone in this sculpture class, held at the Golden Age Center?



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