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Museum Matters: January 2019

As I write this on New Year’s eve it looks like we are in for a rainy finish to Baltimore’s rainiest year (to those of you reading this in Florida, let me just say “you don’t know what you’re missing”). But if the mid-winter blues have got you down and the walls seem to be closing in, let me suggest an escape. This is a great season to visit the Jewish Museum of Maryland.

First of all there are less than three weeks to go before we pack up the Houdini exhibit and send it on to the Breman Museum in Atlanta (it seems like everyone is headed south this winter). You can catch our magical curtain call on Jan. 20 or even come on the 21st (we’ll be open on MLK Day if you’ve got restless children or grandchildren who need one more taste of the magic)!

And before the next Museum Matters reaches your e-mailbox, we’ll be opening our next project – Jewish Refugees and Shanghai. Check out my blog post to learn more.

While the weather outside may be dismal, inside the JMM we forecast “enlightenment” all month long.

Upcoming programs
All programs take place at the Jewish Museum of Maryland unless otherwise noted. Please contact our Programs Manager at tattwood@jewishmuseummd.org / 443-873-5177 with any questions or for more information.


Sunday, January 13th at 1:00pm

Baltimore Premiere: The Mighty Atom
Speaker: Steven Greenstein, filmmaker
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Janury 20th at 1:00pm

A Fantastical Farewell to Houdini
Performer: Brian Curry, magician
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Sunday, January 27th at 1:00pm

Refugees and America: Past, Present, and Future
Speakers: Mark Hetfield and Anne Richard
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Wednesday, January 30th at 6:30pm

Where the Birds Never Sing
Speaker: Jack Sacco, author
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>VIP/Members Opening: Jewish Refugees and Shanghai

>Public Opening: Jewish Refugees and Shanghai

>A Little Vienna in Shanghai

>China Through Yiddish Eyes

>Maryland Premiere: Above the Drowning Sea

>Shanghai Remembered

>In Their Own Words as Jewish Refugees

>Minyan in Kaifeng

>Kreplach & Dim Sum

Esther’s Place

At Esther’s Place, 2019 brings new stories to be passed on and new connections to be shared among loved ones. From Baltimore’s own author/illustrator Ellen Kahan Zager comes a descriptive, accessible story where pictures emerge from Hebrew letters. Another new display celebrates Jewish athletes and includes our custom postcard set of Athletes from the JMM Collection and the story of mysterious, indomitable baseball player (and spy) Moe Berg. And new among our art supplies is L’Dor Vador (from generation to generation), offering calming art pieces that celebrate Jewish spirituality and are ready to be colored in the medium of your choice.


Exhibits on display include Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini(closing January 21st!), Voices of Lombard Street: A Century of Change in East Baltimore, and The Synagogue Speaks.

Hours and Tour Times

Combination tours of the 1845 Lloyd Street Synagogue and the 1876 Synagogue Building now home to B’nai Israel are offered: Sunday through Thursday at 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm.

Click Here for complete hours and tour times.


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