A Pretty Bit of Posing…

The Lloyd Street Synagogue posed for her close up not too long ago, and the results are lovely:

To see more images of the synagogue in her finery, or to see photos of B’nai Israel, congregation Beth Am, and other Jewish sites around the world, visit: http:///www.jewishphotolibrary.com.

The site is the proud creation of Jono David, who has set himself the daunting task of documenting Jewish sites all over the world. Jono is a British-American freelance photojournalist who lives in Japan. As he writes on his website, his HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library “aims to contribute to the preservation of Jewish communities of the world by documenting them photographically.”

Jono connected with the JMM last year, and came by several months ago to photograph our sites. The images are available free of charge for community use, and can be purchased for private use.



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