Artifact Conservation: Preserving Unique Treasures

More than a dozen real artifacts will be included in The A-Mazing Mendes Cohen exhibit, ranging from small wax seals to the lap desk used by Mendes Cohen in his travels.  Many are in great condition but a few need special care before display – and we need your help!

There are two very special items in our collection that need to be conserved. Please consider making a donation online (make sure to note Mendes Conservation in the notes field!) or by downloading this form and sending it back to the Museum. You can also call Sue Foard at 410-732-6400 x220 to make a gift over the phone!

Mendes’ Zouave-style jacket, circa 1830
Mendes’ Zouave-style jacket, circa 1830

We suspect that this vibrant red wool jacket may be the very one pictured in the portrait of Mendes with turban above.  The jacket, which has retained much of its vivid color, requires special fabric conservation to deal with small tears and insect damage from its nearly 175 year history.

Hand-made Flag by Mendes Cohen, circa 1830

Mendes Cohen placed this woolen and cotton flag with paper appliqués on the boat he took down the Nile during his journey to Egypt.  Earlier attempts at mending the flag need to be undone to allow contemporary conservation methods including the hand stitching of individual threads.

Please help us save these treasures! Our goal is $5,000 to conserve both of these unique and exciting artifacts. Gifts of $500 and above will be recognized not only in our annual report but in the exhibit next to the artifact of your choice – so if you choose to donate online, be sure to put “Mendes Jacket” or “Mendes Flag” in the notes field!

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