Celebrate Tu B’Av: The Jewish Holiday of Love

Did you know that there’s a Jewish Valentine’s Day? It’s called Tu B’Av, and this year it starts on July 23rd and lasts until July 24th. While it’s not widely observed, the holiday can be a fun way to way to celebrate all different types and expressions of love It’s also a great chance to put into action Jewish values and teachings related to love such as Gemilut Hasadim, which means doing acts of loving kindness, and v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha which means loving your neighbor as yourself.

Continue reading below to learn more about the holiday and explore activities and resources for you and your family to celebrate Tu B’Av. 

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Kindness Notes

Create notes with acts of kindness written on them to show your appreciation for others

Supplies needed:

· Card templates or blank sheets of paper

· Scissors

· Writing materials such as pens, markers,  or coloring pencils

Heart Suncatcher

Create a colorful heart-shaped suncatcher to display on a window.

Supplies Needed:

· Sheet from a plastic food container, washed

· Sharpies

· Scissors

· Tape

Lovely Collages

Create a heart-shaped collage and decorate it with things you love

Supplies Needed:

·Piece of either plain or construction paper

· Magazines, newspapers, or printouts from online

· Craft supplies

· Scissors

· Tape or glue

Keep Discovering

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