Culture in Quarantine: Museum Week 2020

It’s #MuseumWeek2020, where cultural organizations all around the world play together on social media! Today’s theme, inspired by the Getty Museum’s challenge to recreate works of art at home, is #CultureInQuarantineMW. Below we’ve highlighted some suggestions from our collection that we think might be fun to recreate, but there are (literally) thousands more images in our collections that you can search through for inspiration here.

We are really excited to see what creative, beautiful, zany, and unexpected pictures you come up with, so be sure to share in the comments here, or on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Tumblr) using the hashtag #CultureInQuarantineMW. Be sure to tag us so we can “ooh” and “ahh” over your creations!

Saul Bernstein with his first paint box, Pocahontas, VA, c. 1893. JMM 1986.10.5a.
Reuben Kramer, Perna Krick and Molly the stove (with guest appearance by the cat), June 28, 1966. JMM 1993.167.15.
Brotman Meat Market and Poultry, 1119 E. Lombard Street, c. 1923. JMM 2011.47.1.
“The Baltimore Girl,” created for Hutzler’s by Harrison Fisher c. 1907. JMM 1989.208.1.
New Year (Rosh Hashanah) Greeting Card. JMM 1991.141.2
Ilene and her beloved pet goose, Candy Kisses, pose with her mother Sylvia, May 13, 1964. JMM 2011.47.3.
Jacob Epstein (showing some serious side-eye). Portrait by Augustus Edwin John, c. 1925-1945. JMM 1998.98.1.
Rose Shapiro Freedman in her bridal gown and veil, 1921. JMM 1989.211.6.26.
Color trade card for Meyer C. Hecht’s store, 234 S. Broadway. JMM 1989.1.2.
Business trade card, Strasburger & Son., Tailors, c. 1880. JMM 1995.45.10.
jewish museum of maryland

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