Discover the Lloyd Street Synagogue

This week marks the launch of our newest digital adult tour, Discover the Lloyd Street Synagogue. This brand-new digital experience is a deep dive into the oldest synagogue in Maryland, and a completely unique experience. With this digital tour comes a new opportunity to share more of the stories of the synagogue that you may not get on a traditional, in-person tour. And, best of all, you can do this tour in the comfort of your own home!

A screenshot of the digital tour, showing Talia Makowsky and the title slide of the presentation in a Zoom window.
Talia Makowsky, our Visitor Services Coordinator, is pleased to offer these tours to groups.

This new look at one of our most prized artifacts is an hour-long, participatory event, during which audience members can get insight into the history of the Lloyd Street Synagogue, the congregations that inhabited it, and the growth of the area around the synagogue, Jonestown. This live presentation, given by our Visitor Services Coordinator, has new research and information that has not been previously shared in our onsite tours! Whether you’ve visited the Museum a hundred times or you’ve never heard of JMM before, everyone will be able to learn together as they listen to the stories of the synagogue.

A screenshot of the presentation, showing a slide that has a holy ark, and two framed photos of white men.
Some of the stories you’ll hear are about the rabbis that led the congregations throughout the years.

This tour is available monthly as a public tour for guests to attend. You can check out upcoming dates and reserve your ticket here. Even better, if you have a group you want to share the stories of the synagogue with, we also offer private digital tours. Available for up to 25 devices, and at your preferred time slot, these private tours are a great way to bring together friends and family and to share your own stories. Whether you have a connection to the Museum and the history of the Lloyd Street Synagogue or your own stories of connection in your neighborhood, we encourage you to bring those stories to our tours.

A screenshot of the presentation, showing three different locations and Talia Makowsky.
We know that the organizations around the synagogue today are also a part of the story of the Lloyd Street Synagogue.

If you’re interested in booking a tour for a group, you can fill out this online form here and Talia, our Visitor Services Coordinator, will get back to you as soon as possible!

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This blog series is shared as part of our year-long 175th Lloyd Street Synagogue anniversary celebrations. Keep an eye out for next month’s addition! Interested in learning more about the Lloyd Street Synagogue? Visit JMM to see our temporary lobby exhibit The Lloyd Street Synagogue at 175.

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