Don’t Think of it as ‘Goodbye!’

Marvin Pinkert has been the executive director of JMM since 2012. In his tenure here he has overseen more than twenty exhibits, put us on a trajectory for increased attendance, engaged our Jonestown community, successfully won and executed multiple 6-figure grants from the Federal government, and inserted an unnumbered amount of puns into JMM’s everyday life. As with all good things, Marvin’s time at JMM is coming to a close, as he plans a well-deserved retirement and full-time dedication to his newly-minted title, “Grandpa Pinky.”

Some of Marvin’s fans on the staff and board have decided to create the Marvin Pinkert Exhibit Innovation Fund in his honor. This new fund will support the kind of innovative thinking in exhibit design and interactivity Marvin championed in his time at JMM.

Help us show Marvin how much he means to us by making a gift to this new fund!

To contribute to the Pinkert Fund, or to send Marvin your best wishes, please email Tracey Dorfmann, Director of Development, or make a gift online here.

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