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Supporting “Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini”

There is something magical in a child’s questions: “how did you do that?” “is that really true?” or even just “why?”  They remind us that we don’t just inherit the world, we discover it.  Maybe that’s why children’s questions have become part of our annual Passover ritual.

At the Jewish Museum of Maryland, we are committed to education through discovery as a core principle (for adults as well as kids). We look at every exhibit as not just a presentation of facts, but an experience that inspires questions. Our next original project is no exception.

On June 24, 2018, we will pull back the curtain on Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini.

Inescapable takes a deep dive into the backstory of one of the world’s first superstars. It breaks new ground with its focus on the story of Ehrich Weiss, the rabbi’s son from Budapest, brought up in Appleton, Wisconsin, who created the persona of Harry Houdini.

The exhibit not only deals with Weiss/Houdini’s extraordinary career on the stage but will also take you behind the curtain to look at the influences and causes that shaped his life. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of how the Houdini story fits into the saga of Jewish immigration in the late 19th century and how the technological innovations of his time enabled his rise to stardom.

With great artifacts, photos and interactive displays this is an exhibit designed for discovery.  We hope you will come with your family and friends—but I’m also asking you to become the wizard.

YOU can help us make this exhibit available to the widest possible youth audience:

>$50 helps create hands-on activities in the exhibit, like scavenger hunts and DIY magic tricks.

>$100 subsidizes admission for two public school classrooms’ field trips to the exhibit.

>$250 allows for our new living history character, Harry Houdini, to perform onsite at a local school.

>$500 provides transportation and admission for up to 80 students at a Title I school.

Share the discovery, share the magic. Please support us with your gift today.

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Marvin Pinkert

Executive Director

P.S. Your gift of any amount will have the greatest impact if we receive it by May 15, 2018. Thank you for helping us bring significant stories to the community.

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