Esther’s Place is Re-Opened!

Hello everyone, once again it is shop manager Chris with a blog post. For this post, I want to discuss a little about the member-only museum opening and how exciting it is to once again welcome (a limited number of) guests back into the museum.

One of our recent member visits to the Museum!

We have welcomed several members back to explore the Jews in Space exhibit in person over the past couple weeks and are looking forward to inviting more members back in the coming weeks.

JMM staff are making sure we take all necessary precautions to create a safe and cleanly environment for those visiting the museum. This includes electronic hand sanitizing stations at all entrance points, personal styluses to use on touchscreens in the exhibit, all touchpoint surfaces cleaned at the end of each visit, and masks worn at all times in the museum.

The entrance to our Jews in Space exhibit. Make sure you visit before it blasts off to its next location!

On top of having the museum exhibit open, Esther’s place is also open and waiting for your visit! We have taken advanced safety measures for any visiting which includes hand-sanitizing stations, latex-free rubber gloves for those uncomfortable with handling shop items, and we laid down directional arrows for easy guidance.

The entrance of Esther’s Place, open for guests again!

We in the shop have worked to make your visit enjoyable, and in doing so we have rearranged much of the shop. Walking into the space, you’re greeted with a bright and new layout featuring JMM products before continuing on into the children’s section and the rest of the shop which hosts general Judaica and educational materials like books. The shop touchpoints are cleaned regularly, though the items are not which is why we are offering gloves.

For members who would like to see this exhibit before it ends in June, you can follow this link to reserve your space with up to six of your friends: After following this link, select which date you would like to attend and fill out any necessary information.

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