A Child of Two Worlds: Nimoy, Spock, and the Jewishness of Star Trek

A Child of Two Worlds: Nimoy, Spock, and the Jewishness of Star Trek


Feb 24 2021
, 7PM- 8PM

Recorded on February 24, 2021

Is Star Trek a Jewish text?

Each month, podcasters Hava Friedman and Josh Zel use Star Trek to boldly explore the worlds of Jews and Judaism. Join us as we unpack the Jewishness of Spock and examine how that legacy has shaped Star Trek and our own identities. We’ll question the role of Vulcans as “the Jewish Other” of the Federation and traverse the distance from Mount Sinai to Mount Selaya, contrasting Vulcan logical and classical rabbinic thought.

All attendees will want both Sefaria and Memory Alpha on stand-by as we open up to the audience for a competitive match of “Spock or Torah?”

This live stream Zoom event is presented in relation to the special exhibit Jews in Space: Members of the Tribe in Orbit, on view September 13, 2020 through April 11, 2021. 

7 replies on “A Child of Two Worlds: Nimoy, Spock, and the Jewishness of Star Trek”

I just got an email today saying that i could ” Watch Now:
“A Child of Two Worlds: Nimoy, Spock & the Jewishness of Star Trek”. I loved Star Trek, and I would really like to see this program as it is listed above as being able to be seen thru April 11. How do i get a link to view this??

Hi Margaret – We’re getting it up now! Apologies, we meant to have it ready by this morning, but it’s taking a little longer than expected. Once it’s up, you can find it right here on this page!

I just found out about this. Is it possible that there would be an additional presentation and/or on-line video recording? My whole family [18!] of Jewish nerds love Star trek. So glad you offered something like this.

Hi Bari – we will actually be posting a recording of the program! They usually go up about a week after the program. Glad you are excited and I hope your family enjoys the program. 🙂

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