Beyond Books

Beyond Books


Jan 31 2021
, 4PM- 5PM

Beyond Books: Raising an Anti-Racist Child


Speaker: Imani Romney-Rosa Chapman in conversation with Rabbi Jessy Dressin

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Join consultant and leadership coach Imani Chapman as she dives into the challenges and opportunities of raising an anti-racist child, from refining our own analysis of race to understanding the intersections between race and child-development.

This program will also stream live on our Facebook page.

About Our Speaker

Imani Romney-Rosa Chapman is one of the co-founders of Romney Associates, Inc. She has more than 25 years of experience organizing, educating, and developing curriculum for social justice. Whether as a leadership coach, facilitator, or trainer, Mrs. Chapman’s focus is on creating safe and inclusive environments for learning, growth, and justice.

Her work with boards, staff, faculty, students, counselors, and other stakeholders in religious communities, secular communities, schools, and non-profit organizations has informed their goals for sustained change. She supports them in: socially locating themselves; building group consensus and cohesion; evaluating individual and group readiness to move forward in anti-bias work; speaking candidly and critically about the role of power and justice; understanding and applying a systemic analysis to strategic planning processes; considering issues of accountability.

She currently serves on the Board for the Roger L. Wallace Excellence in Teaching Award, on the Steering Committee for the Coalition of Faith/Spiritual/Ethical Communities for the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, and was a founding co-chair for Kolot Chayeinu Synagogue’s Race Working Group. She is also co-founder of Sisters of Color in Education and teaches part-time at Grace Church School in Manhattan.

Mrs. Chapman received her undergraduate degree in Communication Education and Performing Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, her Masters in Spanish Philology from Middlebury College, Madrid, Spain.

She works for a world in which her children and the young people in your lives can live wholly and safely into their full humanity in an equitable world where race is not a major determinant in health, wealth, legal, and educational outcomes.

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This multi-program series will open up conversations about who we are as Jews; how Jewish spaces and institutions need to change; and how these changes can lead us to a more robust and inclusive Jewish community.

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