Carved Expressions: Handwork of Rabbi Benjamin Szold

Carved Expressions: Handwork of Rabbi Benjamin Szold


Dec 01 2020 - Feb 07 2021
, 8AM- 6PM

In the last years of his life, Baltimore’s Benjamin Szold (1829-1902) – renowned rabbi and devoted family man – took to wood carving to keep his hands busy. From practical items like boxes and yads to more whimsical statues and figurines, the creations of Rabbi Szold delighted friends and family alike.

Rabbi Benjamin Szold, spending the summer in Berkeley Springs, WV, 1899. He is holding a hand-carved cane, topped with a reclining dog, in his right hand. Gift of Jastrow and Alexandra Lee Levin. JMM 1992.242.6.49c

Thanks to the generosity of several Szold descendants the JMM has over 40 of his works in our collections, which will be on display in this lobby exhibit along with photos, a book on wood carving given to him by his daughters, and one of the rabbi’s pocketknives.

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