Connecting Stories of Survival

Connecting Stories of Survival


Feb 21 2021
, 1PM- 2PM

Program recorded on February 21, 2021.

Resources shared during the program:

Join Holocaust survivors Herta Griffel Baitch and Ruth Weiner for a moving afternoon as they share their memories and the importance of their work. As children in Vienna, they attended the same school before the advent of WWII. Over 60 years later, their stories converged when artwork and a class photo were shared from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and they discovered each other.

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We are excited to hear these two ladies interact. Herta is our next door neighbor and a wonderful compassionate human being! What stories they must have! Herta has been giving talks to students and groups for years to enlighten and teach the truths of the Holocaust. We look forward to their talk.

I was touched when I received a thank you note from a friend and saw Herta’s beautiful art work. I called my friend to thank her for the note and to tell her I knew the artist, then I called Herta and had a lovely conversation.

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