Jewish Museums Across the Seas: South Africa

Jewish Museums Across the Seas: South Africa


Aug 16 2020
, 1PM- 2:30PM

Around the World in 80, 55, 30 Days!: South African Jewry: before, during, after with the South African Jewish Museum

Originally recorded on Sunday, August 16, 2020 at 1:00pm EST

This presentation will provide a brief history of South African Jewry – a uniquely homogenous community within the Diaspora. From its Litvak roots, through the impact on South African commerce and politics, to current day urbanisation and migration from South Africa.   

About the Speaker:

Gavin Morris has a BA degree in History and Jewish Civilization and MBA both obtained at the University of Cape Town. Following an early career in film and advertising, he became the director of the SA Jewish Museum in 2012 where he has overseen the development of numerous exhibitions, a digital social history archive, and educational and cultural diversity programmes.

About the South African Jewish Museum:

Set in the heart of the Cape Town’s Museum Mile, the museum narrates the story of South African Jewry from its early beginnings, set against the backdrop of South African history. The museum is a synthesis of the old and the new. Assimilating the historic Old Synagogue and linked to a thoroughly modern building, finished in Jerusalem stone, with an iconic circular staircase as its centre piece.

The museum uses a rich variety of media, including, interactive displays, archival film footage, scale models, artefacts and memorabilia to tell its story.

The South African Jewish Museum was officially opened by Nelson Mandela in December 2000. 

This program also took place on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 5:00am EST.

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